look at my silk naturals order!

order from silk naturals

aren’t they the most gorgeous toy in the whole wide world? 🙂

i ordered it last week. most my online orders from the states usually takes 2 to 3 weeks. i was so surprised to see them on my desk when i arrived at work this morning. i felt like shooting the boss an email that i was sick and needed to go home. :p

i haven’t had time to play with them yet. well, except lipsticks. i’ll will write a review post after i have some fun with them.

i’ll just list what was ordered, from left to right:

charming blush. this is a clone of mac pleasantry. i don’t own one so i can’t compare. i ordered it because i want a really pink blush. all the ones i ordered previously from edm were very mauvy.

light brunette brow powder. this is definitely not my natural brow color. it’s way lighter. for looks that does not need strong brows.

eyeshadow in extravert. this is a gwp surprise eyeshadow. a very nice dark shimmery green.

eyeshadow in purr. this is stila kitten clone. stila kitten is one of the most raved eyeshadow color. i don’t own one so i can’t compare. i ordered it just to see why it’s so popular. this is free with my order of $30+.

cream eyeliner in tarnish. i have previously ordered a cream liner and quite like it. so i’m getting another color. looks darkish silver.

the bottom 4 colors are from summer lovin’ eyeshadow set. i wanted something soft for the summer.

lipsticks in very berry and berry nice. i’ve tried very berry after lunch. it’s pinkish. i don’t normally look good in pink lipsticks. i didn’t like it when i first applied. but when i checked in the mirror later in the afternoon, i thought it didn’t look too bad.

berry nice is a replacement. i ordered it a few months ago (previous review). but this particular one crumbles from time to time. when applied to the lips sometimes little crumbs left on the lips. i wrote to the website and was asked to send it back. i’m so happy to get a replacement because i really love this color!

stay tuned for the review!

3 thoughts on “look at my silk naturals order!

  1. linda Reply

    i got tailfeather eye color from my last order, hope you got the credit for it. ^^

  2. prettymom Reply

    @linda, i don’t see the credit 🙁 maybe it takes time to process.

    @cynthia, will do 🙂

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