#lippyaday challenge

#lippyaday is challenge started by norlim at baubles bubbles and bags to use different lippies daily from your stash – for those of us who have too many and forgotten about what we have.

here’s a summary of what i shared on instagram during the 9-week challenge.


1. shiro cosmetics intertube in magnets – very moisturizing and color is buildable.

2. bourjois lipstick in rose delicat – this was at one stage my regular lipstick.

3. face of australia sheer gloss lip crayon in sundae – for days i want my-lips-but-better

4. revlon color burst lipstick in soft rose – this was my lipstick of the moment at one stage


5. face of australia sheer gloss lip crayon in macaron – love that this color is buildable.

6. laura mercier lipstick in indian summer – the color should be more red in real life. subtle kind of red.

7. sally hansen 18 hour lip treatment in clear brown – this basically looks clear on my lips, which explains why i don’t wear it that often.

8. laura mercier lipstick in subtle lips – very natural. another lipstick of the moment at some stage


9. morgana cryptoria lipstick in apple plum – love this color. it looks more red in person.

10. bloom lipstick in cranberry – give my lips some color yet still looks natural.

11. l’oreal endless lipcolor in fired up – i have forgotten about this deep red lippie!

12. l’oreal endless lipcolor in mauve amor – another forgotten lippie.


13. rimmel lipstick in heavenly – didn’t wear this much because i hate the bubble gum smell, but the scent isn’t so strong now.

14. revlon just bitten kissable balm stain in adore – this is quite pigmented for a stain!

15. morgana cryptoria lipstick in it girl – a perfect wearable red.

16. morgana cryptoria lipstick in tomato – another red. can we have too many red lipsticks?


17. l’oreal color riche lipstick in velvet rose * – the color is not nude but it’s my perfect nude.

18. l’oreal color riche lipstick in intense fuchsia * – it yells for attention!

19. de leon cosmetics lipstick balm in #1 * – the perfect red for fall and winter

20. shiro cosmetics intertubes in robe and wizard hat – blue lips! i normally wear this as a base color.

if you do the math, there should be 9 weeks x 7 days = 63 different lips. i have far less photos.

you see, i’m not working now (ie i’m unemployed) and so i don’t wear makeup everyday. and when i do, i sometimes forgot to snap shots. i also didn’t start sharing my lips until a few weeks after the challenge started.

i wish this challenge started earlier. my lipstick stash was massively decluttered during x’mas break. hence there weren’t too many discoveries and surprises intended by the challenge. but i did discovered some old favorites along the way.

the challenge is now over. since i haven’t been doing this daily, i still have quite a number of lipsticks to go through and will probably continue the #lippyaday tag. make sure you follow me on instagram!

i know my photos are filtered and not showing true colors, but that’s what instagram is for!

the best thing out of this challenge? i won a set of l’oreal shine caresse lip color! this is so exciting!

my day #18 was chosen – i can’t believe the silly shot of my fish pout was one of the reasons i won. i normally don’t post publicly silly photos because… i’m too old for that. but i thought the lip color looked great and posted it for a good laugh. i guess it’s ok to make fun of myself sometimes. 8)

products marked with * were sent for consideration.

5 thoughts on “#lippyaday challenge

  1. Shellie Reply

    Those all look great! Love your fish pout!! Lol congrats on the win. How exciting!

  2. Cynthia Reply

    Congrats on this challenge. I have to say you did a wonderful job in sporting on those lippes. I like number 18 a lot, looks so sexy and adorable.

  3. prettymom Reply

    @cyn, you probably think it’s adorable because you don’t see my face. it’d be cute if pretty girl does it. i’m too old… ha!

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