invisible zinc uv silk shield foundation spf30+

invisible zinc uv silk shield foundation

invisible zinc uv silk shield foundation. rrp aud$42.

i’ve always love stick foundations. it’s quick, easy and convenient to use. just swipe and blend.

my beloved stick foundation was by l’oreal from many years ago. unfortunately it was discontinued. i did buy extras when i knew it was going to be discontinued and they were all used up. i’ve tried stick foundations from other brands but they were either too oily or too drying for me. 

i thought about trying this invisible zinc’s stick foundation. however i wasn’t sure if i want to pay $40+ for something that may not work for me. my skin has become quite dry over the years and most reviews says that stick foundations don’t work well with dry skin.

during last school holiday, which was early october, i went to chemist warehouse for the first time in a long while, and found that this was reduced to aud$28. i thought, what a bargain and had to buy it. the price went up to aud$33 about a week later when i was thinking about getting another one. it’s still cheaper than rrp.

going back to get more… that really tells you what i think about the product, right?

invisible zinc uv silk shield foundation - light

what the product says:

Invisible Zinc UV Silk Shield Foundation is a long lasting foundation stick that provides flawless coverage and protection in one. Contains highlighting pigments to even out the complexion, spherical powders with medium to high buildable coverage, yellow based colour to flatter most skin types and zinc oxide SPF 30+ to protect against UVA and UVB rays.

invisible zinc uv silk shield foundation - light

this foundation stick comes in only 3 colors – light, medium and tan. the limited color range could be problem for those skin tones that falls outside these range. the colors are also yellow-based, not sure how well it works with pink-based skin tones.

invisible zinc uv silk shield foundation - light - swatch

testers were available, but as usual, i only tested them at the back of my hand and dare not test them on my face. tan, the darkest color was out of question. i think i’m between light and medium. i ended up with light because i’d rather go paler than darker.

this foundation is very smooth and creamy. it glides on and blends easily. 

while the product says it gives medium to full coverage, i find that it easily gives me full coverage without feeling too cakey and still gives natural finish. it also doesn’t feel too heavy on hot summer days.

i’m quite impressed it works well with my dry skin. 

one thing i like about stick foundation is, it’s foundation-concealer-powder all in one. the full coverage easily evens out my complexion. it doesn’t fully cover the dark circles but it’s good enough to get me out of the house. of course the dark circles can be fully covered with piling on more products, but this is unfriendly to the wrinkles around my eyes.

the staying power is quite good too. it lasts 8+ hours on me. it doesn’t make my face shine like crazy like most products do.

my only problem are the side of my nose where there are huge pores. it’s not particular dry but somehow it doesn’t blend well. sometimes i get foundation sitting on the pores. sometimes the area looks flakey. it’s not that obvious unless you look closely.

it comes with sun protection of spf30+. good for people who always forget to put on sunscreen, aka moi! however, i read somewhere that we shouldn’t rely on spf in foundation. it’s always best to use with sunscreen to give maximal protection.

how does it look on my face?

invisible zinc uv silk shield foundation - light - on my face

unedited before and after using just the foundation in light. what do you think?

i love that it’s giving me paler and brighter complexion without looking unnaturally pale. you can still see dark circles but they’re not that bad.

a must-have foundation for this summer!

invisible zinc is australian brand and does not test on animals. available nationally on major department stores and chemists. check stockists to find out where you can buy in australia and internationally.

3 thoughts on “invisible zinc uv silk shield foundation spf30+

  1. Cynthia Reply

    Nice coverage but stick with the shades that suits with your skin tone. I have a tendency to buy fountains that makes me look sick and looking ghostly pale and have to return them back to the store.

  2. prettymom Reply

    @cynthia, i got the next shade up, will see if it’ll match better now that i have become more tanned.

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