hair color in 10 minutes

l'oreal excell 10 hair color in 5.23 light iridescent brown

it’s time for another at-home haircolor. this time it’s l’oreal excell 10 in 5.23 light iridescent brown.

i went to look for this after a friend left comment about doing at-home hair color in 10 mins. 10 mins! i like that!

i’ve seen these before but never pay much attention because it’s quite pricy, retail at $18. so much more expensive than the ones i used regularly. and i always buy when they’re marked down to $10 or less. i waited and waited and waited… and finally it’s marked down to $10!

the quality of the glove that comes with this is pretty strong. not like most which feels like wearing plastic bags on my hands.

it comes with 2 applicators. 1 is traditional applicator. the other is the comb applicator – i like that it makes distribution so much easier.

i like that the conditioner comes in a bottle and not in satches. have you noticed that conditioners that comes with hair colors feels more nourishing? i don’t use up the whole conditioner after getting rid of hair color. i save them for later use, like once a week, until it’s all used up. now that i have short hair it lasts even longer!

however, i don’t like how the conditioner smells.

i don’t like the developer in tube form. somehow it doesn’t make squeezing job any easier, when you’re trying to squeeze out the last few drops.

as with how it turns out…

2nd day after haircolor

this is the morning after, taken in the car on the way to work. can you tell any difference?

i’ve been doing the strong brow look all week, because i want to try all the shapes in the stencils. though brow shapes on the stencils look different, when applied, they all look very similar. and they are too thick!

strong brows look better with hair pull all the way out of the face. my hair is too short to do it. and i have big face. i don’t look good with hair pulled all the way back.

maybe i should stop being lazy and go back fill in the brows myself.

2 thoughts on “hair color in 10 minutes

  1. Cynthia Reply

    Like the hair color, but for me my scalp is too sensitive for it. I like my dark hair, just the main thing is not to chop it.

    For the eyebrow I personally think that it looks better on Caucasian than on Asian because Caucasian has a bigger face frame. As for Asian we tend to have a smaller face frame so you don’t want to overpower you eyebrows.

  2. prettymom Reply

    yes, those stencils are more for cacasians. i have big face and they are still too big for me!

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