etude house proof 10 eye primer

etude house proof 10 eye primer

etude house proof 10 eye primer.

i bought this from ebay for usd$5 + $3 shipping. it was shipped from korea and took 5 weeks to arrive australia.

i remember reading a review comparing with either tfsi or udpp. i can’t remember where because it was so long ago. if i remember correctly, this performs better in the review. so when i randomly saw it on ebay, i thought i should give it a try since the price was very appealing.

etude house proof 10 eye primer

it comes in a small glass bottle with a really long handle.

etude house proof 10 eye primer

close shot of the bottle. you can see how much product through the clear bottle.

etude house proof 10 eye primer

it comes with a sponge tip applicator.

etude house proof 10 eye primer

the consistency of the product is thinner than tfsi and udpp, but it’s not runny. it’s dry and clear after blending.

product description at the back of the box (it’s in english!):

proof 10 eye primer supplies coverage to eyelids and around the eyes to enhance eye shadow color and integrity for a longer lasting perfect 10 look.

my thoughts

the product is very silky and smooth to blend.

the product has to be immediately blended. or it becomes stubborn residue when dried.

this doesn’t work on my oily lids when applied a thin layer. the applicator doesn’t seem to get enough product.

i often need to dip the tip into the product 2x per eye. i also use the layering application method to make it last longer.

the staying power is quite unconsistent. with 2 layers, occassionaly eyeshadow start to crease at around 6 hours. most times eyeshadow still look perfect by the end of the day, which is about 10 hours later.

however, if too much products are applied, eg 3 layers, it has some sort of friction when trying to blend out the eyeshadow.

i can’t say much about enhancing eyeshadow colors since i always apply the colors lightly. and i’m too fuss about it. as long as they don’t crease nor disappear.

this product is not available in australia. at least not officially.

my only complaint is the shipping time – it’s rather long. 5 weeks from purchase. this is the first time i buy from a korean seller, i don’t know if this is normal.

but given the very low affordable price, i won’t complain too much. even if it works 90% of the time.

5 thoughts on “etude house proof 10 eye primer

  1. Hello Beauty Reply

    Korean cosmetics are always so affordable and always, ALWAYS have great quality 🙂 You should definitely try BB creams!

  2. Rin Reply

    I use the too faced shadow insurance & it may be somewhat pricey for a small tube but I think it’s worth it because it works perfectly 100% of the time and lasts sooo long (a year later I need to throw mine out for hygiene proposes even though I haven’t used it all up). The only products I’ve tried from Korea is the skin79 bb cream which is really good, so I don’t doubt that Korean products are good. If you’re happy with the eye primer, then that’s great that you’ve found something decent at an excellent price 🙂

  3. prettymom Reply

    @hello beauty, definietly will try the bb creams.

    @rin, tfsi is my holy grail! it works perfectly for me too!

  4. Jackie Reply

    i really want to try an Etude product but don’t know which one. I need a primer so I might try this!

  5. prettymom Reply

    @jackie, this is my first etude house product! i’m thinking about trying other products from this brand too.

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