essence gel eyeliner in london baby

essence gel eyeliner in london baby

essence gel eyeliner. rrp at aud$5.95.

i’ve heard so many great things about essence. it’s great and it’s cheap. this is the first essence product i bought.

essence was previously only available at target. the display shelves at the target stores are usually a mess. most products are either not available or been tempered with. not something i want to spend money on.

i was really excited to see a shiny new display at priceline quite a while ago. everything were so new i had to get something before they got abused. priceline was having 20% off all eye products from this brand at the time of purchase.

essence gel eyeliner in london baby

i bought 02 london baby

essence gel eyeliner in london baby

the color of the product.

product description:

ultra-smooth gel formula allows for precise application. apply it with the eyeliner brush. quick-drying, long-lasting, smudge and waterproof. 

essence gel eyeliner in london baby - swatch

color swatched at the back of my hand. it’s very pigmented. the color still stays after washing my hands! i had to remove it with eyemakeup remover.

my thoughts

the essence gel eyeliner is everything the product description says! smooth, creamy and easy to apply.

the wearability is amazing. it lasts and stays all day.

it even stays on my waterline – nothing seems to want to stay there.

it also does not smudge at all! knowing how most products loves to leave some degrees of smudges on my lower eyes.

i’m really impressed. i’m very impressed!

i wish there are more colors available than just the usual black, brown and grey like most brands.

best of all, i love the price tag. it’s so cheap! you can’t find things this cheap in australia!

brown gel liners comparison

brown gel liners

my brown gel liners collection. from left to right, essence london baby, brown from pf for brown eyes, brown from pf for blue eyes, maybelline brown.

note that the brown from pf for blue eyes has a nice golden tone, but wasn’t captured in photo.

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