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disclaimer and disclosure policy

all published contents are based on personal experiences and opinions are written from user's point of view and are not influenced by any third parties. they should be read as general information or entertainment purposes only, and not as professional advise. some information may not be correct nor thoroughly researched and should be verified with manufacturer or provider.

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i also reserve the right to amend and delete anything written / posted on this blog anytime without notice.


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affiliate links may be included posts if any of those companies or any of its products and services are mentioned. monetary commission or credits will be received if some links are clicked or any products and services are purchased via those links.

as for firefox or thunderbird, i will receive a free t-shirt or something if certain credit is reached (will have to check the policy again...) i'm not after any rewards but simpy supporting open source community. i'm passionate about using open source softwares.

any questions, please contact me.