de leon cosmetics lipstick balm in #1 – looks better in red

de leon cosmetics lipstick balm #1

de leon cosmetics lipstick balm in #1 looks better in red.

this is one of the samples i received recently.

it was in a look not long ago and was mentioned as ‘lip balm’. i kinda overlooked the word ‘lipstick’ written on the label until i was organizing photos for this post.

de leon cosmetics lipstick balm #1

it comes in clear tubes. really love to see what’s inside a lipstick tube. 🙂

de leon cosmetics lipstick balm #1

the color. please excuse the messiness. i use this a lot!

de leon cosmetics lipstick balm #1 - swatch

color swatched at the back of my hand.

de leon cosmetics lipstick balm #1 - on the lips

color applied on my lips. the color is a bit darker in real life than in this photo.

user experience

though it has ‘lipstick’ on the name, it’s like a very pigmented lip balm.

very moisturizing. very pigmented. and… very yummy!

it has a faint coconut scent. i’m not a fan of coconut scent. bad memory from stealing mom’s body lotion that had very very strong coconut scent when i was a little girl.

i was a bit put off with the scent when i first opened it.

sniffing products, that’s one of the things i do before use. to make sure they don’t smell bad. a habbit developed after that bad hard candy lipstick that myer refused an exchange because it was used – just touched my lips before i realized the awful smell. it was almost 10 years ago and i still can’t get over it even though another sales from another store agreed it’s bad and exchanged it.

but i applied on my lips anyway. i accepted the product for review and i should at least tried it.

and guess what, it wasn’t so bad! the smell is very faint. and very yummy! i was so tempted to lick my lips. the scent also goes away fairly quickly.

i also love this color. red. my favorite lip shade.

the color will become less intense as time goes by. this particular color doesn’t fade completely. the color still looks pigmented, just less intense. the moisturizing property will be gone after an hour or so but it doesn’t leave my lips feeling dry. i don’t need to re-apply lip balm like i do with most other lipsticks.

this is the very first product i tried from the samples because it comes in a tube. it was the only thing i could use without the need of lipbrush. the only thing i don’t like about this tube is the cap is loose and comes off easily.

this lipstick has been a permanent resident in the lipstick case that i carry around with me. it’s always the color to touch up after food. it’s been the color of my lips every afternoon since getting it. it seems to go well with any looks i wear!

de leon cosmetics lipstick balm sells at aud$12.50.

where to buy?

since the website hasn’t gone live, you can shop via its facebook page (australians only). if you’re outside australia, you can still buy – just contact them.

(i wish the site will go live soon – they’re working on it. i don’t like the facebook shop app.)

face of the day

fotd wearing de leon cosmetics lipstick balm #1

wearing the lipstick – de leon cosmetics lipstick lipbalm in #1. this was taken after lunch.

did you read that i carry this lippie with me everywhere and touch up after food? :p

de leon cosmetics lipstick balm #0 and lipgloss in #10

face in the morning. was wearing garnier bb cream in light on my face and de leon cosmetics lipstick and topped with lipgloss, both in #10 ambassador. this is a nice lighter color than #1.

eotd with brm eyeshadows in titania

on my eyes, black rose minerals eyeshadow in titania. with de leon cosmetics primer underneath.

i think i’m doing it better it after watching the video on how to use the primer. will post a review after doing more experiements.

de leon cosmetics listick lipbalm and garnier bb cream were sent for consideration. i’m not affiliate with any.

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