daiso delicia green glitter nail enamel

daiso delicia #7 green glitter nail polish

daiso’s delicia nail enamel in #7.

this one belongs to pretty girl. it was her reward for doing well in her chinese exam last year. she kindly granted me permission to swatch it for my blog. 🙂

i was surprised she chose green. i expected pink because she was crazy about anything pink. she said that she’s  grown up and needs to like colors other than pink. that’s my 7-year-old!

daiso delicia #7 green glitter nail polish

while it looks green from the bottle, it comes up clear on my nail. maybe some hint of mint green at certain angle.

daiso delicia #7 green glitter nail polish

the glitter is very fine and sparse. i had to apply 3 layers to fill up my nails with more glitters.

removing it is quite a breeze when compared to other glittery nail polishes with bigger chunks of glitters.

this lasts about 2 days on me. but since it’s clear chips are not very noticiable. i’m able to extend wearing this for the whole week.

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