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otherwise, you are welcome to leave comments to relevant posts or use the comment form below, or email at me [at] prettymom [dot] org (if you are human, you know how to replace with appropriate symbols). i'd love to hear from you - questions, comments, feedbacks, and even if it's just to say 'hi'. anything irrelevant or spam in nature will end up in the trash.

review and sponsorship

if you have products and services (not limited to beauty-related but anything that may be relevant to and may be interested to readers of this website) to be reviewed or featured on this website, please email specific details of your company and products and / or  services to enquiry [at] prettymom [dot] org. 

by doing so you also agree that i am not obliged to write about it and i will only write my honest opinions about products and services that i've actually used, tried or tested. i also remain full editorial right of any posts regarding your products or services that may be published on this website, whether it's going to be positive or negative.


advertising is currently available on the sidebar 175px x 175px (max height). for different sizes, please contact me to work out a solution.

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if you're interested in advertising on please email specific details including your budget to enquiry [at] prettymom [dot] org. by doing so you agree to the stated advertising policy.

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