catalina geo skin cover review

catalina geo skin cover

if you had been reading into products i use for my looks for the past month, you probably noticed i’ve been using this quite a lot. catalina geo skin cover.

catalina geo is a korean brand that i’ve never heard of before. living in australia is sometimes like living in a cave. many things available in rest of the world can’t be found here. 

what is it?

taken from the website:

Catalina Geo Skin Cover is a solid coverage foundation which lasts all day. It offers UV filters and leaves the skin feeling soft and moisturised. Use a shade lighter as a concealer. Comes complete with 2 applicator sponges.

catalina geo skin cover

it comes in a nice little matte golden case. it’s nice to carry it around and use the mirror for touch ups. being matte means you don’t leave finger prints all over the case.

catalina geo skin cover

there are room in the compact for sponge applicators. it comes with an extra sponge applicator.

the sponge is sturdy and firm and doesn’t look like it easily disintergrates. i can’t tell you more about the sponge because i’m not a fan of sponges. i also don’t prefer using the sponge to apply skin cover, which will be explained later in this post.

catalina geo skin cover

if you like using sponges, you’ll be happy to know that it has a nice sturdy plastic tray that keeps the sponge away from the product and keeps it clean.

catalina geo skin cover

i don’t normally give reviews about the box, but i really like the simple and clean design.

catalina geo skin cover

instruction and ingredients are printed at the back of the box.

user experience

the product is very creamy and smooth to apply, and easy to blend. something expected from a cream foundation.

coverage-wise, it is quite heavy if the sponge applicator is used. probably because i don’t really know how to use sponge to apply foundation properly, sometimes i ended up looking too cakey. while i could make it less heavy on the face by blending out more with the sponge, it seems to erase most product away at the same time and left certain parts of the face bare.

because it’s been quite hot this summer, it feels like putting a lot of weight on my skin.

however, i can achieve light to medium coverage if using my current favorite foundation brushes, aka real techniques buffing brush and stippling brush. less products are used and are evenly blended into the skin.

this last all day on me and works well with my dry skin.

on initial application skin didn’t look that great, which can be due to the wrong color. in fact i was slightly disappointed that it looked dull. but as time go by i think the appearance improved. my skin looks better and glows nicely as time goes on (because it works well with oil gland production??)

this can also be used as concealer. it perfectly covers my dark circles. it needs to be set lightly with powder to last longer.

catalina geo skin cover

the color i received was rose beige. it was quite hard to choose my coloring based on the swatch from the website. i was sent this color after informing my coloring which is mac nc20.

catalina geo skin cover - swatch

the color seems too pink for me. however the pink base is excellent when used as concealer to cover up dark circle.

catalina geo skin cover - before and after

unedit before and after photo applying catalina geo skin cover on my face with sponge. the coverage was heavy and covers imperfections.

while the color doesn’t perfectly match my skin, i can still make it blend into my skin if i don’t use too much product. do i need to say more about my favorite foundation brushes?

as a result, i prefer to use it as concealer more than foundation. the pink based color works especially well with my panda eyes.

the only thing i don’t like about it is the scent. the fragrance is overpowering, but will fade after a while. another reason why i prefer using it as concealer as i can keep product away from my nose.

catalina geo skin cover

catalina geo comes in 8 colors is available at for aud$40.50.

product was provided for consideration.

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