catalina geo anti melanin smoothing cream review

catalina geo anti melanin smoothing cream is a 4-in-one product that promises:

  • White focus action keeps skin clean and clear with an even tone.
  • Extra firming action minimises damage to and loss of elastin and collagin, which are important in keeping skin elastic, resulting in firm skin.
  • Aqua soothing action moisturises the skin by revitalising moisture-retaining cells.
  • Moisturiser action provides sufficient moisture and radiance to keep skin healthy by strengthening skin from within with natural ingredients to care for all skin types including sensitive, dry or red skin.

what caught my eyes was the ‘white focus action’.

growing up in australia, i was briefly influenced by ‘healthy tan’ as teenager. but ‘pale is beauty’ has been deeply rooted in my asian heritage. ok, i love pale mainly because i get more compliments when i am paler. while i do not go to the drastics of bleaching my skin, i do stay away from the sun as much as possible.

i don’t use much whitening products because they’re not available in australia. i tried some low end whitening products when i was working in hk but i didn’t notice any visible difference. probably because i didn’t see much sun and was quite pale back then.

this time, it was perfect timing to test out the whitening property of this product. i tanned slightly this summer due to walking to and from station a number of time, even though i always carry an umbrella.

first, let’s have a look at the product.

the back of the jar.

while it has ‘cream’ in the name, the product is more of a gel-like texture.

i usually don’t like using products packaged in a jar because i hate dipping my finger into the product. i’m glad it comes with a spectula.

it is light-weighted, soft and fluffy. the texture is quite similar to h2o+’s aqua cream (or some names along the line). it absorbs immediatly into the skin and doesn’t leave any residue behind.

user experience

the product is slightly perfumed. it’s quite a pleasing scent.

this reminds me some of the light-weight hydrating gels / moisturizers i used to use when i was in hk. having oily skin and living in a humid zone, most moisturizers were too heavy for me and i love how light weight they were and left my skin refreshed.

however having very dry skin now, it’s like when water meets the sand on dry desert. it’s quickly absorbed into the skin and then… nothing. the skin felt the same as before. tight and dry. applying more product just delay the process of skin returning to its original state. i definitely need a regular moisturizer when using this cream.

perhaps as moisturizer it’s more suitable for those who have oily or normal skin.

now, whitening, the main purpose of trying out the product.

yes, it works! as previously mentioned, i tanned slightly this summer. i didn’t really noticed the difference until someone asked me how did i stay so pale in summer. i started to notice that my skin does look paler and brighter. i can use my winter foundations without looking too grey.

apart from the whitening effect, there are no other visible improvements.

it’d be great if this product comes in a more intensive version for dry skin.

a nice message printed on the cap.

catalina geo anti melanin smoothing cream rrp aud$37.50, 90ml net, is avaialable at

product was sent for consideration.

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