bright pink brows

i’ve tried pink brows in the past but they didn’t look as pink as i wanted them to. i think it’s to do with the dark base – fainted tattoo marks. while looking through some makeup tutorials on youtube where people use nyx jumbo pencil in milk as base color on the eys to make color pop. i thought, maybe i should try it on my brows.

i’ve had nyx jumbo pencil in milk for a while. got it because of the hype but it doesn’t work for me – it creases badly on my oily lids even with primer. so it’s been hybernating in my makeup drawer forever.

bright pink brows

the brow doesn’t look as bright in photo because sun was beginning to set when i took this photo.

first i filled the brows all white, to the shape i want. then filled up the whole white area with eyeshadow. i used detrivore eyeshadow in death valley, which is a bright hot pink. then clean up the border with foundation or concealer.

i’ve done my brows with death valley in the past. wish i could should you photos for comparision to see how bright this is, but i don’t think i’ve ever make a post out of it. the only pink brow look i could find at the moment is a monochromic magenta look i did earlier this year.

bright pink brows fotd

this is how pink brows look on my face. this is just a simple look without much makeup because i was playing with brows.

on my lips, morgana cryptoria lipstick in love lies bleeding – ran my finger on my lips to get rid of excessive color so it doesn’t look too dark.


i thought i was really brilliant i came up with this idea. i didn’t want to go through the trouble of covering brows and thought this is a quick and easy way. how smart!

prior to write this post and out of curiosity, i looked up ‘colorful brows’ and came across this video about different ways to achieve colorful brows and this is one of the methods. of course there are so many videos out there but i find this one the most helpful.

the other methods also look interesting. i think i’ll have to try red brows.

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