billie goat soaps review

i’ve not touched soaps for the last few years because they make my skin dry, tight and itchy. i developed a belief that soaps are bad! stay away!

billie goat soaps - plain and lavendar

until i discovered billie goat soap.

it’s not like a normal soap. it’s very creamy and feels lovely. my super dry skin loves it!


billie goat soap

billie goat soap was developed by leanne faulkner, the founder, during a quest to ease the discomfort of her son’s eczema. after becoming frustrated that conventional treatments were not helping him, she researched and developed billie goat soap.

goat milk naturally produces lactic acid to help exfoliate the skin and encourage the rejuvenation of new cells, and is very high in selenium, nature’s anti-oxidant for the skin.

the soaps

billie goat soap - plain

the original plain goat soap. rrp aud$8.95.

This is the soap that started it all!  Made from fresh goat’s milk and combined with a selection of skin loving oils including olive, sweet almond, castor, grapeseed and palm oil. This soap is particularly popular with people who have sensitive skin, eczema or psoriasis. There are also no added colours or fragrance.

billie goat soap - plain

how cute is the goat! 

my skin has been unusually dry this year. it’s usually better when winter months are over but it’s getting worse this year. my holy grail body washes (qv gentle wash and dermaveen soap free wash) that have been working for me are making my skin feeling tight and itchy after getting out of the shower.

this soap makes me feel normal after getting out of shower. if you’ve been suffering from dry skin, you will appreciate what normal feels like.

i also have been using it as facial cleanser. i’m really impressed how refreshed my skin feels afterwards.

being fragrance free, i was worried about ‘the goat scent’. you know the smell from goat’s milk and cheese? that. surprisingly, this plain soap bar has a pleasant natural scent.

billie goat soap - warning!

thanks to the warning sticker, i kept the soap dish far away from the water. the soap feels softer than regular soaps and it’d melt away if it’s kept in contact with water.

billie goat soap - lavender

lavendar goat soap.

billie goat soap - lavender

the same cute goat on the soap!

this is made from the same receipe with lavender essentil oil for its soothing properties.

texture-wise it’s the same as the plain soap. it has a wonderful lavender scent that i absolutely love! the scent can be quite strong if you sniff the soap directly, but when applied, it’s not very strong. i wish the scent lasts even after the shower.

the only problem i have with this lavender scent soap is, i can’t use it on my face. there’s this tingly itchy feeling as if some allergic reaction is about to explode. not sure if it’s something to do with the lavender essential oil. i’ve used products with lavender in the past without any problem.

billie baby soap

billie baby cleansing bars. rrp aud$9.95.

Billie Goat Soap Billie Baby Cleansing Bars suit the skin of a newborn baby. The plain bar is free from colours and fragrance and remains hand made using fresh goat’s milk. Contains virgin olive oil leaving baby’s skin soft and moisturised, the added benefit of vitamin E is also included for its antioxidant properties. The bars are cut to palm size for ease of use.

billie baby soap

these bars feels the same as the plain soap with weaker scent. the cut-size makes it easy to hold baby in one hand and use the soap in the other.

i do believe it’s a more gentle than the original soap, because it doesn’t give me the squeaky clean feeling the original soap gives me. not that it’s not doing a good cleaning job. just not the refreshed and squeaky clean feeling.

while it’s marketed for babies, i think it’s great for older kids too!

this has become pretty girl’s regular soap. she fell in love with the soap when she had shower with me and tried the original soap. she said, ‘it feels wonderful!’ and requested to have one in her bathroom. she loves the smaller size as it fits her small hands better.

the only complain she has, ‘it doesn’t have a goat !’ dear little miss 7, it’s meant for babies and they don’t care about goat! 🙂

billie baby soap

i find that the price is quite high for a soap, but it’s a great soap that does not irritate your skin! 

to find out where you can get these soaps, check stockist list. i did a bit of search via google and found some online sites sells these soaps cheaper than rrp too!

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