beaute pacifique scars and stripes review

beaute pacifique scars and stripes fadeaway creme for scars & stretchmarks

beaute pacifique scars and stripes fade-away creme for scars & stretchmarks.

a while ago i helped my friend setting up an information website for her clinic. in return she sent me some beaute pacifique skin cares.

beaute pacifique scars and stripes fadeaway creme for scars & stretchmarks

product description (taken from the website):

Beauté Pacifique’s Scars and Stripes is an intensive anti-ageing treatment crème or mask that has become the preferred anti-ageing lotion for numerous customers to treat significantly aged skin on the face, neck and décolleté. SCAR & STRIPES for prevention and treatment of scars and stretch marks. The cream works below the skin with four active ingredients in different ways to prevent and reduce ?flushing and normalizes the structural change that makes scars and stretch marks visible.

beaute pacifique scars and stripes fadeaway creme for scars & stretchmarks

when my friend introduced me to this brand, i do what 21st century technology bring to us, the internet! i checked out the website and jaws dropped when i saw the price.

she sent me a sample to try. if i remember correctly, i was told that the product has high concentration of vitamin A and only very small amount is sufficient for the face and the neck.

user experience

a bit of history, if you’re not a regular reader. my skin hasn’t been behaving normally since last summer. my skin was dry, yet it shines within hours. if i didn’t constantly blot my face i’m sure you can fry an egg by the end of the day, without even sticking to my skin! not to mention the huge pores – i may have magnified the problem, but the pores did appear larger than usual, maybe due to hyperactive oil production?

the usual moisturizers (qv and cetaphil creams) that i’ve been using for years didn’t help. i went through so many rehydrating sheet masks. they only sooth the condition temporarily.

when i first applied, i didn’t think it’s anything special. it’s just an expensive cream. but a few hours later, i noticed that my face didn’t shine that bad. i used it again as moisturizer next morning, i noticed that my face didn’t look like a mirror by lunch.

the sample lasted about 5 days. during that 5 days there were visible improvements. the pores were less noticiable. skin felt smother, softer and rehydrated. my face did not shine like mad!

i’ve never really believe in skin care products giving you immediate visible results. and even if there are results, it takes a long period of time. but i did see visible improvement from just that small amount of sample in just 5 days.

i was back to my usual moisturizer after the sample was used up. skin condition stayed the same and didn’t get worse. phew!

a few weeks later i was sent a full size 100ml tube.

according to the website, this is a multipurpose cream that can be used not only on the face but also on nail, hand, neck and any area that requires extra repair. it can also be used as mask.

i’ve been using this just as moisturizer. i was advised to apply directly on cleansed skin as you don’t need anything else.

i have tried applying after serum, tested with super defense serum. to be honest, it doesn’t feel any different. so i’m guessing my friend was right. you don’t really need anything else!

beaute pacifique scars and stripes fadeaway creme for scars & stretchmarks

the product looks like medicated cream than moisturizer.

my friend kept stressing using very small amount, less than what your required with your normal moisturizer. i used smaller than pea size and it’s sufficient to cover both my face and neck. it spreads very easily to cover that much area!

the price, as mentioned, is quite high. rrp at aud$150 for 100ml. i was told this could last about 6 months. with my usage using it mostly as night moisturizer, it could last even longer. since it’s the only product you need, it probably works out more economical than using millions of products on your face.

highly recommended if you can afford it.

the promise?

with the product name, the main selling point of the cream seems to be for scars and stretch marks. i don’t have scars and thankfully no stretch marks after having 2 children. i can’t say much about this aspect.

if you have used it for scars or stretch marks, i’m interested to know your result!

like i said, i’ve only been using it as moisturizer. the visible improvement i noticed was when my skin was misbehaving. since then there are no major changes visually.

it was doing great for my skin until early winter hits. it’s not bad, but using it alone as directly is insufficient when my skin gets quite dry in winter. i need some ‘boosters’ such as seven wonders moroccan argan oil skin serum that i’m currently testing out. will be writing a review about the serum soon! stay tuned! (update: review here.)

i will be writing a review about the serum soon. stay tuned!

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