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prettymom.org is a website where i share my passion for beauty and makeups. it's mostly about reviewing and using affordable products though sometimes i may splurge. i do makeup looks that are simple and wearable but sometimes i'll try something wild.

makeup is a hobby developed since i was young, starting from watching my mother putting on makeup. i'm not an expert nor working in this industry. i do not attempt to teach. i still have a lot to learn. i'm just sharing things i like, what works for me, and hope these will be useful and helpful to others. 

please do not be harsh on me if you find flaws in my makeup. i'm just an ordinary woman and not makeup artist. i'm not perfect.

even though this blog is named 'prettymom', i do not claim myself as pretty. i'm just an ordinary woman who likes looking good and pretty, which also helps to boost my confidence and self esteem. please don't give me 'beauty is from within' lecture, if you read this blog you know what it's all about.

about me

my name is coco. it's not my real name but i'd like to be known by this name in this virtual world. i have been blogging secretly and have not shared my blog with people i know in real life.

i'm a happily married mother of 2, living in sydney, australia.

i was once crazy about lipsticks and had bucketful collection. i had to try everything new in makeup and skin care. nowadays with family and kids and mortgage, i have to watch what and how i spend and try to keep my routine simple and economical.

i'm a web developer working on web-based projects. i also mantain a web development blog. if you have any questions about your website codes feel free to ask me. i am also available for freelance projects.

for anything not beauty related, you can read about my random mumbles and jumbles.

behind the site

prettymom blog is powered by b2evolution hosted at my home server running ubuntu.

site design hand-coded by me and is based on foundation framework.

most photos are taken with pentax optio m30 and sometimes with my phone cam. images and photos are edited with gimp, mostly to reszie, crop and watermark, but i may also try to fix some flaws.

i try to give credit whenever possible. i may have missed some. if you noticed any, please let me know.


the blog and its contents, including photos (besides press images or photos by 3rd parties, which will be credited) are copyright by the site and its contributors. please respect copyright law and do not take anything without prior written permission. all you need to do is ask.


all comments are moderated. be nice. you may have different views but you must not be rude. you may criticize please keep it constructive. no spamming. no advertising. any irrelevant and non-sense comments (in name, url or message) will be deleted and reported to central blacklist.


if you wish to contact me on anything, please use the contact form.