a barely there golden look with lobotomy

detrivore eyeshadows - lobotomy and widow

detrivore cosmetics eyeshadows in lobotomy and widow.

lobotomy is categorized as highlights, which are lighter and more transparent than regular eyeshadows. the color is sheer gold. i thought the word ‘lobotomy’ is made up for a color name, but out of curiosity i looked up and viola, it’s actually a word!

widow is described as “dark red satin”. on me it’s a pretty red-tone chocolate color. this has been discontinued.

these were from one of my few orders from detrivore last year. detrivore has become another favorite site where i buy mineral makeups. they have huge range of great eyeshadow colors and the quality is amazing! besides eyeshadow there are lovely blushes and lip glosses too. they have sales often, but the products are already at bargain price without the sales.

bright summer eyes with lobotomy

i often use lobotomy as highlights at inner corners. but it was so hot yesterday. i wanted to wear makeup but wanted something barely there. while my eyes may look slightly jaundiced at closeup, it looks barely there with some golden sheen overall.

bright summer eyes with lobotomy

eye makeups used:

  • etude house proof 10 primer – all around the eyes and on the brows
  • detrivore eyeshadow in widow – on the brows
  • detrivore eyeshadow in lobotomy – all around the eyes, adding more products near inner corners

i didn’t wear mascara. my eyes was super sensitive and watery due to lack of sleep and i didn’t want it to mess my makeup.

bright summer eyes with lobotomy - look of the day

other products used:

  • l’oreal nude magique bb cream fair skin tone *
  • catalina geo skin cover in rose beige * – under the eyes and over blemishes
  • silk naturals blush in charming
  • shiro cosmetics intertubes in why not zoidberg? 

another version of my barely there makeup. i have only 1 full face photo to show because this is the only one that i did not look sleepy.

products marked with * were sent for consideration.

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