essence i love rock gloss eye pencil

essence i love rock gloss eye pencil. rrp aud$2.55.
i’m always in search of a good black eye pencil that stays and doesn’t smudge on me. i had to try this because of the price.

what the product says:
essence i love rock gloss eye pencil is a deep b…

timeless beige

i was going to do one of the lmff runway looks. somehow i messed up and ended up with a completely different look. scroll to the end to see the difference.

a natural shimmery eye look. the eyes may look slightly messy because i tried to cover up the…

trying out a new bb cream

today i decided to try sample of etude house precious mineral bb cream that was included as gift with the skinfood bb cream i bought from ebay.
speaking of which, i haven’t done a review posts of the skinfood products, along with many other products in…

bright blue st patrick’s day

i intended to do a bright green look for the day, but wanted to use something that haven’t been featured on the blog. it’s also been a while that i do sample baggies makeup challenge. i decided to find something green from the baggies.
blame the…