when my face had allergic reaction

this was what i instagramed a few weeks ago.

i had reaction to something. no, i don’t know what it is yet. i’ve used a lot of things on my face in recent years and i’ve never had any allergic reaction. i always thought i have the toughest skin and it was quite a shock to see my face like this.

i did have 1 new thing added to my skin care routine, however i’ve used it for 3 days without any problems. i didn’t do allergy test, because, as said, i have the toughest skin. besides, i’d think if anything causing any reactions, it should happen immediately or within 24 hours.

i didn’t do photo diary of my allergic skin, since i didn’t think i’d be blogging about that. besides it was quite traumatized looking at my face.

what you see was the only photo taken via the phone cam. it didn’t look that bad but my face was fire red.

a brief note of what happened.

day 1: i noticed tingly sensation when i applied my normal skin care. it’s very mild. i ignored it. later the day, there was slight itchiness. i also noticed slight redness. i thought these were due to my skin being really dry. i just applied more moisturizer.

day 2: the skin was more red. i continued to think it’s my dry skin. the tingly sensation was more serious than the day before when i applied my normal creams. hmmm… something could be wrong. my skin was starting to feel like sand paper. but i still contribute all these to my dry skin. i started to worry when the husband came home that evening and commented how red my face was.

day 3: skin was quite red and angrily itchy. anything put on my face felt like burning. i couldn’t use anything i normally used! it started to have some white heads here and there.

i went to see my doctor on day 3. when he saw me, his first reaction was, ‘wow, your face!’ must be really bad huh?!

i was advised to take either polaramine or telfast, and prescribed a medicated cream to use until the redness and itchiness are gone.

i was asked to stop using everything i’ve been using. i asked what cream should i use, because my skin was so dry and so tight it was so uncomfortable. he advised to use aveeno baby cream, and showed me a photo of what it looks like. he added, ‘it’s very good for baby’s butt.’ was the doctor comparing my face to baby’s butt? /sigh

i went to my local chemist to get the cream. the wash was next to it and i thought i might as well try it.

both of these products are really mild and fragrance free. perfect baby products. they were aud$9.95 each.

aveeno baby soothing relief moisture cream is said to contain active naturals colloidal otmeat that hleps to moisturize and relieve dry skin. it felt very nice and smooth on the skin. it’s well aborbed into the skin without leaving any residues.

however didn’t help to moisturize nor to releive the discomfort of dry skin. perhaps my skin was too dry. i had to reapply almost every hour but it didn’t help too much keeping my skin well hydrated.

aveeno baby soothing relief creamy wash also contain the same ingredients. i use this as facial cleanser and i love it! it’s very gentle and soothing. my face feels so clean and doesn’t feel dry nor tight after cleansing.

the road to recovery

the redness and itchiness have gone after 1 day.

week 1: for the whole week, these were the only things used on my face.

as said, the aveeno moisture cream didn’t do much to my dry skin. i lived with the discomfort of dry skin. not to mention all the wrinkles started to emerge all over the places! waving goodbye to all those hard works of using anti-aging products. :'( i didn’t use anything else because i wanted to slowly adding things back to see what could have caused the reaction.

my skin was still quite rough.

week 2: i added coconut oil. i decided this was the first thing to be introduced back to my routine because it’s natural and it helps to sooth sensitive skin.

i whipped a small jar of coconut oil. just coconut oil. nothing else.

i started to apply this to 1/2 of my face for 3 days. just in case. it really helps to relieve the discomfort of dry skin. the face felt greasy initially but felt refreshed after about 10-15 minutes after it’s aborbed into the skin. it’s applied 4x a day and i do notice that 1/2 of the face with coconut oil applied looked less dull and had less lines!

after it’s confirmed it’s not causing any problems, i started to apply it to my full face for the rest of the week. oh… how comfortable my skin felt!

week 3: this is the 3rd week and my skin has improved, but it’s still quite rough. it’s not like sand paper as when it first happened but it’s not smooth.

i’m adding what i normally used 1 by 1 on weekly basis. of course i’ll also be testing the suspicious new product. maybe it’s something i used. maybe it’s external factor.

i can’t wait to have my normal face back!

have you had allergic reactions and how do you deal with it?

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  1. prettymom Reply

    @cynthia, i bought the cream! it’s not available in australia so i got it off ebay. i hope it works!

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