mitoq power antioxidant rejevenation review

this is a long overdue post that’s been buried in the draft. i’ve been waiting for information from pr to complete this post however it never ended up in my inbox. eventually it got buried amongst other drafts and was forgotten.

a while ago i was contacted to see if i was interested to try a revolutionary anti-aging product. it promises to give you younger looking skin with reduced appearance of wrinkles and fine line. it also promises to brighten the skin and reduce the appearance of pigmentation and sunspots.

of course i’m interested. who doesn’t want to look younger? who doesn’t want to have perfect complexion? and of course i was very curious how can something applied topically deliver such promises without any invasive procedures.

introducing mitoq cream.

what is it? taken from the website:

MitoQ is a patented and revolutionary breakthrough in CoQ delivery science. MitoQ restores and enhances your natural antioxidant defense system and is scientifically proven to deliver CoQ to cellular mitochondria at 1000 times the concentration of other CoQ formulations. MitoQ has a rejuvenative effect on skin cells leading to younger looking skin with youthful levels of collagen and elastin within 30 days. MitoQ has been formulated in a zero irritant hypoallergenic base suitable for all skin types. Simply add MitoQ into your beauty regime or use it as your moisturiser. Apply MitoQ twice daily to your face, neck, decolletage, back of hands for younger looking and more radiant skin. One 50ml bottle lasts 4 to 6 weeks.

sounds quite promising, doesn’t it?

the texture is quite creamy and light. it appears yellow but is cleared when applied. it’s quickly absorbed into the skin which gives a smooth finish. it has very faint scent that’s barely noticiable and is gone when applied.

the cream is dispensed through the pump, which is a plus from hygenic point of view. i use 1.5 pump to cover my face and the neck.

user experience

for my dry skin, i have to use it with moisturizer. it works well with various moisturizers i use regularly.

instruction says to use it morning and night. because of the price tag, i want to see if it works if only used at night. to extend the usage lifetime.

i noticed visible improvements to my skin in about 2 weeks. it’s in general hard to notice much difference when you see yourself in the mirror everyday. i was really impressed when i could see visible improvements. skin is more radiant and refreshed. it looks plumper and hence reduce the appearance of fine lines. which equates to looking younger.

i can’t say much about reduction in pigmentation as i don’t have this problem.

if it works when used just nightly, imagine how quickly my skin improved if instruction was followed.

condition of my skin has never been so good during the 4-months (the bottle lasted that long!) period it was incorporated into my skin care routine. (if you remember me tweeting how happy i was with my skin a few months ago.)

to keep your skin in top condition requires continual use. once stopped, the skin slowly returns to its normal state.

the only negative point for mitoq is the expensive price tag, which is not so affordable for those who are on a tight budget. if you can afford it, it’s worthwhile to try if you’re concerned about wrinkles and pigmentation. this is one rare anti-aging product that works and delivers its promises.

mitoq can be purchased from the website for usd$185 and the site currently offers free worldwide shipping.

product was provided for consideration.

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