Aldi Lacura Revive Anti-Ageing Serums

Serum in any skin care line usually comes with expensive price tags and is usually one of the most expensive item in the line. And if it belongs to an anti-ageing line, it’s even pricier. For this reason I don’t often incorporate serums into my skin care routine.

Aldi is known to sell budget friendly products so when I saw these serums on the shelf I had to try them. I can’t remember the exact price. These were purchased around Oct last year and I believe they’re in AUD$10 – $12 range.

Lacura Skin Science Revive Serums

Lacura Revive Night Elixir and Hyaluronic Gel.

Night Elixir

Lacura Skin Science Revive Night Elixir

Taken from back of the package:

Inspired by methods from dermatological practice, the highly effective Lacura Night Elixir is based on innovative and powerful ingredients helps improve skin renewel.

The formula which contains the exclusive Peel-Moist-Complex removes dead skin cells during the night and in doing so helps renew the skin’s surface. AFter use the skin looks fresher, smoother and more radiant.

The light anti-ageing formula contains a MIMOX Double Effective complex and an innovative antioxidant Vine Extract from the shoots of young vines. The highly effective gel helps boost cell renewel, smooths skin and reuces the appearance of wrinkles.

Lacura Skin Science Revive Night Elixir

The consistency of Night Elixir is gel-like, but thinner than hair gel.

The thing that really bugged me was the smell. I wouldn’t even call it a ‘scent’. In fact it was quite bad that after a week of nightly use, I decided to throw it out. I had every intention to keep using to see the result, but I couldn’t stand the smell. Using it for a week was more than my limit. So there’s nothing much I can tell you about the result from such short usage. The odor was too overpowering it takes away every other aspects of the product.

Hyaluronic Gel

Lacura Skin Science Revive Hyaluronic Gel

Taken from the back of the package:

Lacura Hyaluronic Gel is an innovative formula developed using the latest anti-ageing scientific findings.

Lacura Hyaluronic Gel contains high and low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid in a high concentration.

High molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid optimises the skin’s moisture and smooths fine lines and wrinkles. It leaves skin soft and smooth with immediate effect.

Low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid promotes moisture storage and pumps up the skin. It strengthens the skin barrier and smooths the skin.

The gel is quickly absorbed and promotes an immediate and lasting effect. Lacura Hyaluronic Gel provides optimum moisture, visibly reduces the appearance of wrinkles and leaves the skin looking firmer and more radiant.

Lacura Skin Science Revive Hyaluronic Gel

Like the Night Elixir, the product texture is thin gel that smooths out easily. Because I have very dry skin, I need 2 drops to cover my face and neck prior to applying moisturizer. It was used during the summer months when my dry skin isn’t as tight and dry as in winter months.

On application it immediately soothes my dry and tight skin. Like most serums it makes moisturizer smoother to apply. It does help to maintain the moisturizer a bit longer. Sometimes I don’t need to re-apply moisturizer before bedtime, which I usually do and is usually 4-6 hours after previous application.

I would re-purchase for this very reason (and it’s cheap!). Unfortunately this isn’t a regular item on the shelf (at least not at my local Aldi).

The skin did look better while using it because the skin is well moisturized. When skin is well moisturized, it helps to minimize and soften the appearance of lines. Just don’t expect it will magically erase the lines.

Lacura Skin Science Revive Serum - Dropper

One complaint I have with it is the dropper design. Both of these serums comes in bottle with dropper. I like the convenience of dropper, but this dropper is unnatural to use. You need to push the top of the cap to suck and release product. There’s not enough room to hold the cap and squeeze the top button at the same time. Perhaps if the cap is designed longer to fit the size of your palm.

Like: Cheap! Fragrance free. Keeps moisturizer function longer.

Dislike: Bad dropper design. Not available regularly.

9 thoughts on “Aldi Lacura Revive Anti-Ageing Serums

  1. Shaaron Wren Reply

    All I want to know is with the Revive Night Elixir, after applying can you then put your usual night cream on (e.g after an hour) – or is it supposed to be used just on it’s own? Thanks and regards, Shaaron

    • prettymom Post authorReply

      Hi Shaaron, because my skin is very dry, I use it in conjunction with moisturizer. I usually waited a bit for the elixir to settle in (ie, feels dry on the skin) then apply moisturizer or night cream.

  2. Veronique Reply

    I really like the night elixir – the smell was of no account for me. The feeling of the serum on my face and the smooth feeling in the morning was enough for me. I agree the dropper design needs improvement, but overall, I want more of it and Aldi hasn’t any in stock as on April 2015.

    When will the stock be replenished for us customers who really like the product??

  3. josephine Reply

    I love the gel but nothing in stock for the last 2 months

  4. Angeli Gette Reply

    Just found the gels in store Aldi in my local area (July 2016) and happy to hear you liked the quality of the product! Thanks for the review as it helped me to make my decisions whilst in store!

  5. Moira Reply

    I press the top of the stopper before I unscrew the cap and when you remove the cap the gel is ready to use.

  6. Anne Reply

    When I apply the revive immediately my skin goes bright red. Should I stop this or keep going.

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