pastel purple nails with prorance honeyish manicure

the weather has been so miserable recently. cold and wet. wearing something bright is mood uplifting!

pastel purple nail

pastel purple nails. a perfect spring / summer color. but there’s no rule that you can’t wear colors like this in winter.

prorance honeyish manicure #307

prorance honeyish manicure. what stands out is the design of the bottle. so pretty! the long handle is also easy to use.

i’ve never seen this before. it is a gift from mil. she said she bought it from an asian beauty salon for aud$9.

prorance honeyish manicure #307

the color is #307. that’s the only thing i can understand from the bottom lable. i can’t read korean.

prorance honeyish manicure - the brush

the brush is wider than most normal nail polish brushes, which makes it easy to apply. however the ease of application isn’t as precise as other nail polishes that comes with wide brush, such as essence and sally hansen. perhaps because the brush spreads out instead of laying flat.

pastel purple nail

this color is creme based and requires 2 coats to get even color.

prorance honeyish manicure #307

the color can also look more pinkish under different light source.

the first thing i notices when i opened the bottle was, it smells different. perhaps because it contains honey, which is said to provide nutrition to bloated and dull skin. it’s also DBP-FREE, Toluene-FREE and Formaldehyde-FREE.

i like that it’s quick drying.

it’s quite high shine when applied. the glossiness starts to fade after a day.

i’m quite impressed that it doesn’t chip easily. for me with minor housework done it only starts to chip on day 3.

have you ever tried prorance honeyish manicure?

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  1. cynthia Reply

    This color looks very lovely on you. I tend to stick with pastel color polishes as well. I’m still very selective on choosing colors for my nail.

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