trying out a new bb cream

etude house bb cream sample

today i decided to try sample of etude house precious mineral bb cream that was included as gift with the skinfood bb cream i bought from ebay.

speaking of which, i haven’t done a review posts of the skinfood products, along with many other products in the pipeline. some i’m still waiting for some information. some i need some good photos. anyway, i hope i’ll be able to catch up with them soon.

makeup items used

here are products for a quick look, because i only had 10 minutes to get out of the house:

  • etude house precious minerals bb cream
  • l’oreal brow colorist
  • daiso brow pencil
  • skinfood salmon concealer
  • red earth lip pencil in cinnamon <– this was from the very original red earth
  • morgana cryptoria lipstick in tomato

simple look of the day

my too pale face.

obviously, the color of bb cream is wrong. while i like looking pale, this is too pale.

the product doesn’t sit well on my face. i’m not sure if it’s the texture or because of the wrong color. usually colors that are too pale can look drying and cakey on me. this is more noticiable in closeups. however it didn’t feel that drying on my face.

i’m still debating if i should get a full size in darker shade.

5 thoughts on “trying out a new bb cream

  1. Cynthia Reply

    I don’t know what it is but I personally have a very hard time in settling the right Asian type BB creams. The reasons why I can’t find the right bb cream is because of the limited shades and textures. Also limited supplies here in the US makes it even harder in finding the perfect one to stick to.

  2. prettymom Reply

    @linda, never heard of the brand, is it good?

    @cynthia, yes, limited shades sucks. with light coverage you can get away with it, but with medium coverage, it looks odd. some makes me look grey!

  3. linda Reply

    the cc cream it supposed to be the better than bb cream… let me know if you wanna try. 😉 i got the cc cream from hong kong. 😀

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