timeless beige

i was going to do one of the lmff runway looks. somehow i messed up and ended up with a completely different look. scroll to the end to see the difference.

eye of the day with timeless beige

a natural shimmery eye look. the eyes may look slightly messy because i tried to cover up the original mess. but it’s not that bad if you’re not trying to kiss me. :p

l'oreal eyeshadow quad - timeless beige

l’oreal’s color riche quad in timeless beige was used on my eyes. this is a set of earthy tones, but some may find it too shimmery for wearable and natural looks. however you can always tone it down not using too much products.

i only used 3 colors from the quads. the 2nd lightest beige on the inner 1/3 of the eyes, golden brown at the center and the darkest shade at outer corner. the same order for lower lashlines.

i also used another color from another quad, a yellow toned eyeshadow from disco smoking. this got pickup up in close shots but can hardly been seen in person.

products used on the eyes:

  • etude house proof 10 primer
  • l’oreal color riche le sourcil brow pencil in dark brown *
  • l’oreal color riche le kohl eye pencil in immaculate snow * – inner corner as base
  • l’oreal color riche quads in timeless beige * – as described above
  • l’oreal color riche quads in disco smoking * – the yellow at lower inner corner
  • revlon colorstay eyeliner in black – along top lashline and outer 1/3 of lower lashline

no mascara. a few strands of eyelashes fell (and i don’t even know how it happened) and left a gap. which would make the gap more obvious if applied. or it wouldn’t make any difference to my short and barely there lashes. false eyelashes would probably makes the eyes look more appealing. i really should learn how to put on false eyelashes. i’ve been wanting to. one day. one day…

the look

other products used:

  • l’oreal lumi magique foundation in N1 *
  • l’oreal nude magique bb powder
  • l’oreal nude magique bb blush *
  • l’oreal color riche lipstick in sensual rose *
the look

a very natural look, in photo. in person the eyes looks more shimmery.

i wore this look for almost all day. the eye makeup creased in about 3 hours. i only did 1 layer of eye primer today. i shall have to try layering eye primer when using this quad again to see if it lasts longer on me.

lfmm runway look 07

one of lmff runway looks – scarlet love.

this was the look i was trying to recreate. i really like how bright yet clean the eyes look. the white inner corner is supposed to open and widen your eyes.

however, i failed miserably trying to draw a nice white inner v-shape. i think it’s more to do with the lack of skill on how to do it properly with my eye shape. so i smudged the white out and added other colors on top of it.

all l’oreal products were sent for consideration.

2 thoughts on “timeless beige

  1. cynthia Reply

    I like the look, it makes your eyes look so sweet and innocent. You should try falsie it makes a whole different level of look. I did once for my v-day look and that was it, but not confident in sporting it out to the real world.

  2. prettymom Reply

    @cyn, tried falsies but it took forever and i still couldn’t position it right! so frustrating! anyways i better leave my lashes alone and let it grow. it really sucks they fall off in chunks from time to time leaving huge gaps, not that it makes any difference. :/

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