so minimal look with 3 items

it’s been a while i’ve posted makeup looks. the excuse? my face had allergic reaction to something and i can’t wear makeup. and my excuse prior to the reaction? the fotds turns out bad.

today i wore a true minimal look with very minimal products. trying to keep my face makeup free since it’s still not in best condition (ie so rough!) to slap on foundation. i used the essentials – the brows and the lips. concealers should also be considered essentials i’m avoiding them for the timebeing.

the 3 items for minimal look

here are the 3 products used:

  • l’oreal brow pencil – this is old. probably the first generation when it was first launched in australia about 10 years ago. this is quite light because it’s meant for blondes.
  • red earth lip pencil in cocao – another oldie. the color is plummish. line and filled the lips prior to lipstick application.
  • arbonne lipstick in scarlet *

minimal / vampire look

i think this makes a good vampire look, thanks to the dark circles. lots of flaws. not the best look to ‘show off’ but this is what i look like recently.

instagram filtered

love my flawless skin here thanks to instagram filter. when will my skin be smooth again?

products marked with * were sent for consideration.

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