skinfood good afternoon honey black tea bb cream

skinfood honey black tea bb cream

earlier this year i decided to try more korean bb creams (since i’ve only tried 2 korean brands due to limited access in australia). after browsing ebay i decided to get skinfood good afternoon range because it’s budget friendly. there are quite a few products in the range to suit different needs. after doing some research i decided either honey black tea or berry berry tea.

most korean ebay sellers offers free gifts (usually samples). i ended up with honey black tea because it’s cheapest in the list and the seller also sells a concealer i wanted to try, which was also cheapest in the list. this seller didn’t have berry berry tea in stock at the time.

at the time of purchase, this bb cream was usd$7.70. free shipping. the seller has since increased price across a range of products in the store.

skinfood honey black tea bb cream

the product is packaged in environment-friendly cardboard box.

skinfood honey black tea bb cream

product information at the back of the package. “helps maintain bright morning skin throughout the day” sounds promising. everyone love their making still looking like they were just applied by the end of the day.

skinfood honey black tea bb cream - swatch

all bb creams in the good afternoon range comes in 2 colors. i had a feeling that i’m in-between. i chose light beige which is the lighter shade, because i like paler complexion. this looks too light for me during summer months but is perfect during winter.

the consistency is quite light compared to the 2 other korean bb creams. the coverage is light to medium. it has more cover coverage than most western bb creams but lighter than korean bb creams i’ve tried. it’s good enough but doesn’t fully cover blemishes.

the scent is light and refreshing.

since honey black tea bb cream is described as ‘moisturizing and glowing’, i expect dewy finish. it’s not moisturizing enough for my dry skin and there’s no dewiness nor glow to my skin. it’s just… normal. even though i have dry skin, my skin will shine after 4 hours. and that’s when the product gradually slips away from my skin. if you need to wear this all day, you probably need to set with good powder and touch up during the day.

i’d say this is more suitable for those with normal to dry skin and is great when you have good skin day.

as stated above, the color is perfect for me in winter months but it doesn’t agree with my dry skin during winter months.

skinfood honey black tea bb cream - before and after

unedited before and after applying skin food bb cream. i love that it evens out my complexion. this was taken before winter so it was obvious light beige makes me look paler.

on days i’m too fuss about blemishes and dark circles, i skip concealer. and this is also for days i’m only wearing makeup for a few hours.

skinfood honey black tea bb cream

this isn’t a product to sing and dance about but it’s not bad considering its affordable price tag.

if i’m repurchasing i’ll choose a darker color to see if it’s better match.

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