simple and natural with l’oreal glam bronze la terra

l'oreal glam bronze la terra

l’oreal paris glam bronze la terra was one of the products included in lmff package received quite a few months ago. this is a product that didn’t get my interest, because, well, it’s a bronzer.

for those who know me, i’m not a bronzer fan. while i do have quite a few bronzers in my collection, they’re mostly used for contouring, as blush or as eyeshadow than aiming for a ‘healthy’ glow look. however i still don’t use them much because they’re either too brown or too orange or too shimmery.

but this one has caught my attention and has become one of the most frequently used products recently.

about the product:

L’Oreal Paris Glam Bronze La Terra adds colour to the face and body. Fine film technology allows the skin to breathe, while a blend of ochre tones and micro-dispensed light pigments mimic the effect of the sun on the skin. The smooth texture creates healthy glow on the face and body. Its smooth and velvety texture blends easily and light-diffusing elements give an instant shimmery glow.

l'oreal glam bronze la terra

this is a face and body powder. as you can see, it is huge!

l'oreal glam bronze la terra

glam bronze la terra comes in 2 shades. this is 02, the lighter shade.

l'oreal glam bronze la terra - swatch

this is lightly swatched on my arm and i like the subtle hint of color. i love that it’s not very pigmented and i can freely swipe the color on my face without worrying looking dirty.

of course the color is buildable.

it looks matte, but it has very subtle shimmer under the light and when applied. it gives my skin a nice glow without looking too shiny.

i haven’t been wearing much makeup since my skin had reaction to i-don’t-know-what. i keep my look to the very minimal.

filled in the brows, a dust of  l’oreal’s bb powder all over the face, a swipe of glam bronze la terra across the cheeks and sometimes over the lids, and complete the look with any lipstick-of-the-day. quick and easy!

here are my faces recently.

if you’re like me who prefers to look like a snow white but still prefer a nice subtle glow to you skin, this is it!

this is also great for those whose skin shades falls in the pale spectrum.

the only downside i could think of is, it is huge! i don’t know if i’ll ever use it up!

l’oreal glam bronze la terra is available in 2 shades and retails at aud$29.45.

product was sent for consideration.

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