oldies: christian dior slim lipsticks

dior slim lipsticks

christian dior slim lipsticks.

i don’t own many dior lipsticks. mainly because i didn’t like the design. i’m refering to the old packaging here. i thought it looked old fashioned. but it’s something that you flash out of lipstick case to reapply your lipsticks and people instantly know, it’s dior!

dior slim lipsticks

this is a lipstick set purchased from duty free. probably about 8 years ago. most lipstick sets you find from duty free shops are made up of colors i thought were for ‘older women’. it’s quite rare that you find a set where all of them look wearable.

dior slim lipsticks

i don’t know the name or number of these colors because they’re not printed anywhere on the lipstick tubes. they’re probably printed on the package but i already threw it away.

the colors are ‘very safe’ and i like that they are all very wearable. 

the texture is quite creamy and smooth to apply. 

the staying power is long enough until you start to drink or have food.

these were at one stage my regular lipsticks rotated at regular intervals. it’s really quite rare that i’d use all lipsticks in a single set.

it’s another sad goodbyes to these ones. 

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