MeNow Generation II Kajal from eBay

I always thought Kajals come in black only. While browsing for Kajal on eBay I came across a number of listings showing vibrant colors. The price was under US$3 at the time for 6! So I thought, why not?

Me Now Generation II Kajal

The eye pencils is nicely packaged.

If you look close enough you probably see 1 missing. No, it’s not the seller’s fault. I took 1 out to have a look and misplaced it. I still can’t find it.

Me Now Generation II Kajal

Product description says it comes in 6 different colors. No. There were 2 blacks. The green one went missing, so now I ended up with only 4 colors.

Me Now Generation II Kajal

What’s exposed is the amount of product you get. Nothing to twist it up or down. And hence you need to be careful when placing the cap on and off.

I’ve never used Kajal and I wonder what happens once you used up the pointy parts. Is it as easy to apply when you get to ‘the thick part’? Anyone have used products like this to share their tips?

Me Now Generation II Kajal - swatch

The color payoff is amazing! Intense color with just a single swipe. The sparkles (except the black) only got picked up under the strong camera light and is hardly detectable under normal light.

My problem with most eye pencils are trying to get the color show up and these require no pulling and no tugging. They glide on smoothly and the color shows up with one drawing action. No need to go back and forth.

Sounds like a dream?

However, there’s a however. It smudges. With a blink the color quickly transferred to the crease or lower eye area. I tried waiting a bit after application before blinking my eyes and it wasn’t as bad, but the color still transfers as time goes by. I looked so messy in the end. The black gives the messiest result. The purple and the brown didn’t ended up looking too messy, but still a mess.

The staying power also sucks. The color fades and sections disappears in less than an hour.

This is probably like most creamy eye pencils that are not meant to be used alone. They are great as base to give your eyeshadow a even more vibrant color. However on my crease prone eyes, it creases badly even with a good primer that’s known to work for me. What s shame, because I really love the vibrant colors.

Me Now Generation II Kajal - ingredients

The ingredient list.

Although these are quite cheap, I do not recommend you wasting your money. Unless there are ways to use them for better performance and I’m doing it all wrong. If you have used these and work for you, please share your tips in the comments.

Like: Vibrant and intense colors. Creamy. Easy application. Cheap.

Dislike: Smudges. Lack of staying power.

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