maybelline color tattoo in tenacious teal

this is another long overdue post. maybelline color tattoo was one of the most talked about item when it first came to the market. it’s said to be the affordable version of mac paint pots. everyone wanted to get their hands on it, including mine. as usual, it took a while to come to australia and this is the very first color tattoo i bought. why i haven’t blogged about this is beyond me.

maybelline color tattoo in tenacious teal

maybelline color tattoo in #40 tenacious teal. it retails at aud$11.95. of course you don’t have to pay for full price if you can wait for discounts and pricelines has discounts all the time.

maybelline color tattoo in tenacious teal

it comes in a big glass-like pot. the packaging is quite bulky. if you look from the side, the amount of product is quite thin. however i’m not too bother with it since i’ve never finished anything! i’ve had this for over a year and i’ve only made a very small dent.

maybelline color tattoo in tenacious teal

the view from the bottom, where you can view the color of the eye shadow.

maybelline color tattoo in tenacious teal

the color of tenacioius teal.

maybelline color tattoo in tenacious teal - swatch

this color is wysiwyg, ie just as in the pot. it’s very vibrant and very intense.

while it’s called ‘cream gel shadow’ it’s more of a creamy texture. very smooth and blendable.

the product is marketed as long wearing and crease proof. i’m more interested in the crease proof property.

when swatched at the back of my hand, it is long lasting. i didn’t purposely clean it off washing my hand throughout the day, while the color fades slightly, it’s still there. i had to use makeup remover to remove at the end of the day.

on my eyes, the color is still vibrant after a few hours. however, it creases! a vibrant intense teal line on the crease in just 2 hours! of course the problem is fixed when eye primer is used. like many other products that promise creased proof, i can’t wear this just by itself. i even tried the layering method and nope, i still need a good eye primer.

this is a great color to be used as a base to brighten your blue toned eyeshadows. if you have blue eyeshadows but can’t get the required color intensity, this is your friend.

warning. make sure you screw tight the cap. i’ve had this for over a year, the product is start to show signs of drying even though i make sure the cap is tightly closed after use. it’s still usable, but not as creamy as when i first used it.

color tattoo vs mac paint pots? compared with the only one paint pot i have, the product consistency is quite close. paint pot seems creamier. both can be used as base. both crease on me unless primer is used. i can’t compare on the color intensity because i have soft orchre and it’s a skin tone color. paint pot also dries up slowly as time goes by but it’s easier to work with when it’s less creamy.

maybelline color tattoo in tenacious teal - fotd

this is a look i did using just maybelline color tattoo in tenacious teal applied lightly all over the lid. this is my preferred way to wear it when using just this color.

it’s been a while and i can’t remember what was used. definitely primer was used to keep the eye makeup on all day.

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