Essence LE Dark Romance Lipstick in 01 Red Romance

Essence LE Dark Romance Lipstick in 01 Red Romance

Essence recently released a collection called “Dark Romance“. Everything in this collection looks very attractive, especially the matte nail polishes. I tried very hard to limit myself to get only 1 item from this collection.

Essence LE Dark Romance Lipstick in 01 Red Romance

There are 2 red lipsticks from this collection, choice of either dark or light red lipstick. There weren’t any testers for the limited edition so I chose the color based on the bottom label.

Essence LE Dark Romance Lipstick in 01 Red Romance

The light red appears too orangy. I chose the darker red, which appears more red and which is something I preferred. The bullet itself looks exactly the kind of dark red I want.

Essence LE Dark Romance Lipstick in 01 Red Romance - swatch

However when swatched, Red Romance is more of berry in color.

I am somewhat disappointed with this. Don’t get me wrong. The color itself is very pretty and is a perfect winter / fall color. It’s just that I expected red and there’s not much red in it.

Essence LE Dark Romance Lipstick in 01 Red Romance - lip swatch

Applied on bare lips straight from the tube without blotting.

It’s very smooth and glides on effortlessly. It’s quite creamy. It’s not as moisturizing as balms but it doesn’t feel drying.

It can be applied lightly for stain of color look or applied with 2 to 3 coats to bring out its full color intensity.

The staying power is pretty good, considering its creamy formula. The color will wear off slowly. If you’re not eating very oily food it will leave a lovely stain on the lips. Blotting will give a matte finish and will last even longer, but will make the lips feel drier.

It’s also scentless!

RRP at A$3.50, not only it’s budget friendly, its great formula is value for money! It doesn’t have the cheap lipstick look and feel too!

However, it’s part of limited edition collection. With all the stores I go to, there are only limited stocks with its limited editions. If you see anything you like, don’t hesitate and grab them because they will be gone very quickly!

I bought this lippie 2 weeks ago at my local Priceline and the display was almost empty when I went there last weekend!

Like: Cheap. Creamy. Fragrance free.

Dislike: Limited edition. A bit disappointed with the color due to expectation.

2 thoughts on “Essence LE Dark Romance Lipstick in 01 Red Romance

  1. Mandy Reply

    Great review! I understand what you mean about feeling a tad disappointed. Being in the country means I buy online a lot without viewing the product in real life and most times, I do feel a bit disappointed when I actually swatch it, yet it doesn’t mean I don’t like the colour. It’s just not completely what I expected. This berry shade is gorgeous but I too would have expected a darker red from what it looks.

    • prettymom Post authorReply

      Mandy, that’s the life of online shopping! With things quite pricey over here that’s what we do. Usually I rely on other blogger’s swatch before I make a purchase.

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