essence i love rock gloss eye pencil

essence i love rock gloss eye pencil

essence i love rock gloss eye pencil. rrp aud$2.55.

i’m always in search of a good black eye pencil that stays and doesn’t smudge on me. i had to try this because of the price.

essence i love rock gloss eye pencil

what the product says:

essence i love rock gloss eye pencil is a deep black gloss eye pencil with a long-lasting glossy finish.

essence i love rock gloss eye pencil

it does look really black.

essence i love rock gloss eye pencil - swatch

1 swipe on the left and 2 swipe on the right. you can get very good result with just 1 swipe.

the color is very glossy and pigmented as described.

it’s gives one of the smoothest and creamiest application. it glides easily on and does not drag skin around the eyes. a lot of eye pencils seem very smooth when tested at the back of the hands but become a different story when you tried it on the eyes.

does it live with ‘long-lasting’ in the description?

essence i love rock gloss eye pencil - on my eyes

this is my eyes taken right after application. with eye primers used. i waited a bit before opening my eyes yet it immediately leaved marks on my crease. setting it with eyeshadow doesn’t work and also leaves marks on the crease. maybe it’ll work on non-hooded lids.

it also smears on the outer lower eye area. a common problem i have with all eye pencils. setting with eyeshadow doesn’t help.

however, it has great staying power at the center of the top lashline. it’s still dark and black after a few hours.

this is what i’ve been using it for. just for filling up the gaps between the top lasheline at the center of the eyes to make my eyes appears bigger. just not anywhere near the front or the end of the eyes where it smudges easily and mess up my eye makeup.

i really love that it’s so gentle on the waterline and deposits very pigmented colors there. unfortunately the staying power sucks in this area. i’m still in search for that perfect eye pencil that loves my waterline.

i also find that this is a great product to be used as a base to enhance eyeshadow colors. it’s very creamy and blends out easily. just make sure the lids are properly primed if you have oily and crease prone lids or it will speed up the crease rate with whatever you put on top of it.

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