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Although I already have quite a number of brow pencils, when I saw these turned up on eBay for 99c each, I thought I must try them. Then as I browsed through the list, there was a even better bargain, 4 for USD$2.35! They went straight into my shopping cart.

ebay long brow pencil

These pencils are quite long, 18cm.

ebay long brow pencil

There are quite a number of colors, depends on listing. The particular listing I purchased include black, dark brown, light brown and gray.

As you can see, 1 of them is extensively used. My camera battery went dead and I couldn’t wait for the new battery to arrive.

ebay long brow pencil

The caps fits perfectly. I have to mention this because there are pencils that comes with loose caps that fall off easily, and hence useless.

ebay long brow pencil

This, in general, does not require sharpening. See the string? Gently pull it to peel the required amount off. This is convenient in makeup bag and when you don’t have a sharpener readily available. The lead itself is quite blunt you may need a lead sharpener if precise application is required.

ebay long brow pencil - swatch

The pigmentation of these brow pencils isn’t that great. I had to draw many strokes to get the color to show up. While swatching, black is the only one flakes badly, however, it’s not that noticeable when drawn on the brows. The colors also show up better when drawn on the brows.

However, I find the lack of pigmentation a plus. Although filling my brows is an essential part of my makeup routine, I still can’t do it properly. I need to go over my brows many times to get the perfect shape and usually I ended up with quite dark brows with strokes over strokes and the drag queen look is not desirable. With these pencils, I can build up the color and the shape slowly.

While most eBay listings would also say these pencils can be used as eyeliners, I do not recommend using them as eyeliners. As mentioned, it lacks pigmentation, that means you need to draw the lines many times to get the color to show up. Besides, the lead itself is too hard for the eyes. The dragging action is bad for the delicate skin around the eyes.

Colorwise, my most frequently used colors are the browns. B03, or generally listed as brown or dark brown, is just brown. B08, or generally listed as light brown is red brown. If you had some reds or hints of red in your hair you might like this one.

While black and gray do not make me look like drag queen like most brow pencils in these colors do, they don’t look that great on me, probably because they don’t match my hair color.

As for staying power, they are good for about 4 hours when the color starts to fade and the perfectly defined edges will start to disperse. Eye primer and setting with eyeshadow or brow powder will make them just a bit longer. For full day wear, you definitely need to touch up sometimes during the day. But for the price, I won’t complain its lack of staying power. I can buy backups of the same color and carry it around for touch ups.

These are available on eBay and in general listed as 99c on eBay US site and A$1 on eBay AU site. Cheaper if you buy set of 3 or 4 pencils, and the price could range from $1.50 to $3.

Like: Cheap! Not so pigmented. Hard lead. No sharpening required.

Dislike: Does not last all day.

2 thoughts on “eBay Eyebrow Pencils

  1. Mandy Reply

    Oh I love a bargain! I actually don’t like buying from ebay unless I have a specific recommendation from a friend because I don’t know which ebay sellers are trustworthy etc,Thanks for the rec. I’ll have to check them out!

    • prettymom Post authorReply

      Mandy, I used to buy only from recommended eBay sellers too, but after a while, I find that they’re mostly quite alright and are willing to refund immediately or resend if you tell them you didn’t get the item. These are so cheap so there’s nothing much you’ll loose, just choose whoever have the cheapest listing. If you’re interested I can tell you which eBayer I bought from (but wouldn’t consider it a ‘recommend’ since I always choose the cheapest).

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