arbonne lipstick in scarlet

arbonne lipstick in scarlet

arbonne lipstick in scarlet. it’s a perfect color for winter / fall. it’s also perfect for the great gatsby inspired looks that’s been around beauty blogs lately.

arbonne lipstick in scarlet

the first thing i noticed was the sturdy sleek matte black case it comes in. looks simple yet modern.

arbonne lipstick in scarlet - swatch

the color is quite pigmented and glides on smoothly. it’s matte yet it doesn’t feels as drying as most matte lipsticks. with my very dry lips i still need the help of lip balm prior to application.

arbonne lipstick in scarlet

please excuse my very dry lips…

the color looks deep red from the tube. while it looks like deep brick red when swatched, it leans towards burgundy tone when applied on my lips.

you can make the color appears more red or more brown or more plum with it’s respecitive tone lip pencil as base.

this is one of my favorite color this season because it makes my complexion appears paler. yes, i love being snow white!

being matte the staying power is fairly good. and being dark color the color only fades slightly after drinks. if i don’t eat oily food and without touch-ups, by the end of the day it’s lovely stain on my lips.

quite a good qualitiy lip product, from the packaging to the lipstick itself.

arbonne lipstick retails at aud$37, is available in 14 shades and can be purchased from independent consultants or from the website.

product was sent for consideration.

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