arbonne eyeliner in toffee

arbonne eyeliner in toffee

arbonne eyeliner in toffee is another product i received recently for review.

about the product:

With a new and improved long lasting formula with Vitamins C and E, Arbonne’s Eye Liner is the ideal way to accentuate eyes with colour that stays. Each creamy Eye Liner glides on effortlessly for flawless definition.

arbonne eyeliner in toffee

this is a retractable eyeliner. just twist and get the lead out.

arbonne eyeliner in toffee - sharpener

there’s sharpener on the other end to sharpen the lead for more precise application.

arbonne eyeliner in toffee - swatch

toffee is light brown. i have too many dark color eyeliners i wanted to try how light brown looks on me. it’ was a bad choice of color because it’s too light for me. you could probably see it if you’re close enough but it’s very subtle. this color probably suits blondes or those with very very pale skin.

it’s lighter when applied on the eyes than the above swatch.

the texture is quite creamy and glides on smoothly. it’s also very gentle on the waterline. love that it deposits color nicely without dragging skin around the eyes.

arbonne eyeliner in toffee - on the brows

i find that toffee is a nice brow color. it appears darker on the brows than on the eyes.

while it’s hard to detect if it smudges when used as eyeliner, since the color is quite subtle on my eyes, it stays very well on my brows and lasts all day.

i have to stress that it lasts all day on the brows because i often need to touch up my brows. i have problem with brow colors fading especially my right brow. i parted my hair sideway and i believe it’s the hair that sweeps on my face also sweeps the color away. when used arbonne eyeliner on the brow, there was no fading problem!

arbonne eyeliner is available in 6 wearable shades and can be purchased from independent consultants or from the website for aud$33.

product was sent for consideration.

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