another daiso brow pencil

a while ago i reviewed a daiso brow pencil that has been used quite regularly. here’s review of another brow pencil from daiso.

daiso brow pencil

this brow pencil was purchased a few months ago as emergency to touch up my brows when i was out because i accidentally rubbed off my brows. luckily daiso was close and i could get something cheap.

japanese print on daiso brow pencil

daiso has quite a few types of brow products. i threw away the packaging. the only thing that identifies this brow pencil are japanese. by the kanji and katagana, i’m guessing it says fine brow pencil.

please excuse the dirty shot. this has been used for quite a while.

daiso brow pencil - fine lead

i chose this pencil because it’s in automatic / retractable format where you just need to twist the lead out.

the lead is very fine. no sharpening required. 

because the lead is very fine, it’s perfect for precision application. this was purchased to carry out for touch ups. usually it’s the end of my brows that requires touch ups and this does the perfect job.

daiso brow pencil - brush end

the other end has a brush and i’m very impressed with this brush. it brushes the brow hair nicely. it also soften the color after application to give a nice natural finish without wiping the color out.

daiso brow pencil - swatch

this is brown, swiped once at the back of my hand. the color is buildable.

if you want to draw fine brows or if you already have nice brows but need to touch up gaps here and there, this is the perfect product for you.

as i prefer thick brows nowadays, if you don’t have much brows like me, starting from scratch with this pencil can be quite a chore. i prefer something with thicker lead to fill the brow and perhaps using this for precise definition here and there.

as mentioned, this is primarily used for touch ups when i’m out. it’s doing its job and i’m quite happy with it. for aud$2.80, this is pretty good value!

1 thought on “another daiso brow pencil

  1. Leah Reply

    Ahh, every single time I see the name Daiso I get so nostalgic. I so wish I was one of the lucky few that has a Daiso outside of Japan.

    I love that, in my experience, most Japanese eyebrow pencils tend to come with a brush on the end. Makes them super convenient!

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