Schwarzkopf Ultimate Colour Multi-Usage Permanent Colour Foam in 400 Dark Brown

Those who color their hair will always face roots a few weeks after application and it’s more noticeable if the shades of the color is obviously different from your natural shade. I rarely do root touch-ups since most home colors require mixing and I’m too lazy to do divide the proportions of developer vs hair color for multiple usage.

Schwarzkopf Ultimate Colour

I’ve been eyeing on Schwarzkopf Ultimate Colour. I was attracted to the point that it can be used multiple times and no mixing required. How easy and convenient does it sound?!

I finally bought it when it was its turn discounted to $10 at Chemist Warehouse a while ago. This normally RRP at A$19.99.

Schwarzkopf Ultimate Colour

The content is minimal. An instruction leaflet, the color foam and conditioner. Gloves not included.

This is so easy to use. As mentioned, mixing is not required. You use the product straight from the pump bottle with easy pump action via pressing the big button on the top. The amount of foam dispensed is easily controlled.

So you can use it multiple times for up to 3 years. No product wastage.

Application-wise it’s like styling your hair with mousse. No dripping.

Best of all, it doesn’t have the unpleasing ammonia scent that comes with most permanent home colors.

So far I’ve only done root applications with this and that’s the whole reason I bought it. Just section my hair and apply the product to the root. Easy peasy!

Schwarzkopf Ultimate Colour

The color I chose is 400 Dark Brown. On my naturally dark hair, it has hints of brown under the sun but not too obvious in general.

I purchase this mainly to touch up my grey roots, which are very noticeable where I part my hair. And guess what, there are still grey hair at the parts after application!

Initially I thought I probably didn’t use enough product nor waited long enough. Instruction says 20 minutes development time root touch up and that was how long I waited. I redid my roots a week later, used more products especially where I part my hair (ie well soaked) and waited 40 minutes. With my home coloring experience, I usually leave it 10 more minutes than the recommended time to ensure my hair takes up the color.

It didn’t make any difference… 🙁

I’m disappointed! I expect permanent hair colors have certain degrees of grey coverage, if not 100%. It did nothing to my grey hair! Nothing at all!

I later re-read the box, that said “This shade is suitable for up to predominantly grey hair.” It didn’t say “100% grey coverage” like other products. Maybe this is why?

I really want to love this, because I love everything about it. But damn, I want to look younger and not covering up my grey hair does not help. It’s good for those who don’t have any greys or having greys at the not-so-obvious areas.

Like: No mixing. Multiple usage. No ammonia smell. No dripping.

Dislike: Does not cover grey.

2 thoughts on “Schwarzkopf Ultimate Colour Multi-Usage Permanent Colour Foam in 400 Dark Brown

  1. Grace Reply

    Hi Coco, I haven’t dyed my hair myself since high school. I hate the mess too. This one sounds quite trouble free so I may ask my Mum if she wants me to help her to dye her hair with this product. My hair colour is a mess at the moment so I don’t think anything can help me. I will have a hair cut soon to cut off quite a bit of the length.

    • prettymom Post authorReply

      Hi Grace, this one is really easy to use and you can do it yourself without help. My only disappointment is it doesn’t cover my greys at all. If your mum has used it and has greys, I’d love to know if it works on her.

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