ombre attempt with l’oreal superior preference in california

l'oreal superior preference in california

i’ve been coloring hair myself for most part of my life, because it’s so so so much cheaper. besides the monetary reason, i don’t have the patience sitting in salons for hours.

in my diy hair color experience, i’ve never tried blonde. i know that it won’t work on my dark hair without bleaching. while i prefer diy’s, bleaching is something i don’t think i’ll ever attempt myself. i’ve heard too many horrible stories how hair falls and melts off.

i also know that with my dark hair color, the result will not be the same as shown on the box. it’s always darker. i thought maybe i should try blonde to achieve light brown effect. this is the darkest blonde on the shelf.

i also tried a blonde because ling from the best beauty blog did a video on with blonde quite a while ago.

l'oreal superior preference in california - box

i chose l’oreal superier prefernce in #8 california natural blonde.

i don’t often use this line because it’s quite expensive. and when it’s on sale, there are other lines on sale too which are cheaper.

the rrp is aud$19.45. i bought this at chemist warehouse when it was marked down below $10. this line don’t normally mark down this low at other stores.

l'oreal superior preference in california - box

it does say on the box that this shade is not advised for dark hair. i decided to go against it to see if it will give me the desire effect.

l'oreal superior preference in california - content

content inside the box.

i really like the after care conditioner that’s packaged in a tube. it’s more convenient to open and store. it’s also generous enough for weekly usage for a few more weeks.

the colorant comes in liquid format. the good, you don’t need muscles to squeeze them out. the bad, you have to be very careful not to tip it over.

l'oreal superior preference in california - nose

as for the developer, i like that the tip that has a cap that can be opened instead most where you have to twist off with your might.

l'oreal superior preference in california - glove

i’m also impressed with the quality of the glove. it’s thicker and fits my fingers. most gloves are just like wearing plastic bag with fingers feeling robotic. i can even reuse this glove again when it’s time to wash my hair.

i’m disappointed with the strong amonia smell. i’ve been using home hair color most of my life so i’m used to the typical smell. however with the price tag, it’s expected to have some sort of fragrance added to minimize the odor.

since it’s blonde, and just in case it shows up as blonde, just in case! i only applied the color to the end of the hair, from around below ear level to the end, hoping to achieve ombre effect.

the result? please note that my old hair was previously colored red weeks ago and the color has faded to brown.


these were taken under studio light.

in person you could hardly notice any difference. you could see that the hair is slightly lighter under the sun. not the light brown effect as wished. wrong calculation!

i think i should just stick to light brown if i want lighter colors on my hair.

i can’t say much about grey coverage since most of my grey hair are around the crown area and color wasn’t applied to the area.

i will repurchase this but in a different color, when it’s on sale again.

2 thoughts on “ombre attempt with l’oreal superior preference in california

  1. Ash Reply

    I have the same problem when I dye my hair. It’s never the color I want it to be :/
    Good attempt though. Maybe next time you’ll get what you wish for 🙂

  2. prettymom Reply

    @ash, for our dark hairs we need to bleach to get the color we want. i’m too chicken to do it myself. :p

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