Garnier Olia Permanent Hair Color in Intense Copper

Here’s another attempt to get ombre hair effect. This is probably going to be my last attempt as the end of my hair has gone through too much chemicals in a short period in the past 3 months and are drying out. I’ve not had split ends for years and they’re starting to show up. 🙁


Garnier Olia permanent hair color in intense copper. This is available in 18 shades and RRP at A$16.95. As usual, I got it when it was discounted to under A$10, but I can’t remember where I got it from – it’s either Priceline or Chemist Warehouse.


The usual content that comes with most DIY hair color kits. I like the quality of the plastic glove. I forgot to take close shot of the developer bottle, which has a different shape than the regular bottles in most hair color kits. It’s fat and cute, but does not make any difference to your hair coloring experience.

Olia is advertised as the first permanent home hair color powered by oil, not ammonia. Hence it doesn’t have the ammonia smell! Having been using home hair color for most of my life, the smell doesn’t bother me. But not having the awful ammonia smell to fill up the bathroom is a bonus!


The expected result on different hair color.

garnier olia in 7.40 intense copper

This was taken about a week after I colored my hair. While it didn’t look like the expected color pictured on the box, the color did go lighter. The result is more obvious under the sun and quite subtle indoor. It gives the most visible ombre effect out of the few attempts I had in the past.

The oil formula is said to achieve rich and vibrant result. The result was at its best during the 1st week. Probably because my hair had gone through too much chemicals the color became less vibrant in the following weeks and the color faded gradually.

I can’t say much about grey coverage for this particular shade since it was only applied to the end of my hair, where the greys had already been covered with so much hair colors used in the past. But I’ve used a different shade in the past and it covered the greys quite well.

Like: No ammonia smell. No dripping. Color close to result.

Dislike: Color not long lasting.

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  1. Pinky Poinker Reply

    I can’t stand ammonia smells so this might be an option for me! I know what you mean about hair drying out and split ends. I have that problem too!

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