Dirty Works Body Scrubs

dirty works scrubs

The 3 body scrubs from Dirty Works range – Life’s a Beach Coconut Scrub, Buff your stuff Body Scrub and Glow Girl! Buttery Salt Scrub.

I purchase these Dirty Works body scrubs at Coles a couple of weeks ago when different products in the range were 40% and 50% off at different times.

I have never seen this brand. I did a bit of research and found Dirty Works has quite a number products in skin care, bath and body care and accessories. However my local Coles only stock body scrubs and body butter, and they were hidden on the lower shelves. Had not I been attracted to the yellow tags with the discount figure printed on them I would never have bent down to find them!

dirty works scrubs

The granules are not very coarse, and are in order from finest to coarse from left to right. They are quite gentle on the skin, leaving the skin feeling soft, smooth and perfectly cleansed. I have very dry skin and they do not make my skin feeling tight.

These scrubs are heavily but wonderfully scented, which still leave a faint scent after you leave the shower. It won’t linger for long but it feels refreshing. If you’re a scent expert you could probably tell the difference but they smell very similar to me.

Life’s a Beach Coconut Body Scrub

dirty works coconut scrub

Buff yourself to innocence with this hard-working body scrub. With pecan shell and sweet almond oil to condition and moisturize.

This is my favorite because it’s the most moisturizing and creamiest out of the 3. Sometimes I can skip applying body lotion and it doesn’t make my dry skin feels overly uncomfortable.

The granules is also finest and most gentle out of the 3. As body scrub it’s probably too gentle as I prefer something more coarse to feel the exfoliating effect. It’s not that they don’t work. They do. It’s just personal preference.

However because it’s gentle and creamy I have used it as facial scrub. Some may find it too harsh for the face but I love it! It doesn’t make my face feeling tight nor uncomfortable.

Buff Your Stuff Body Scrub

dirty works body scrub

Invigorating body scrub containing pumice particles to buff roughness away and shea butter, sweet almond oil and vitamin E to condition skin.

The granules of this body scrub is more coarse than Coconut Scrub but is still quite fine and gentle. You can feel the scrubs working better than Coconut Scrub too.

While the skin does not feel tight instantly after shower, application of body lotion is necessary to feed my thirsty dry skin. If you have normal skin you will probably find your skin is perfectly conditioned and does not need any extra products.

Glow Girl! Buttery Salt Scrub

dirty works buttery salt scrub

Pamper your skin from top to toe with our moisturising and exfoliating buttery salt scrub.

On the granule-size aspect, this is my favorite out of the 3. I could feel they’re working hard exfoliating and my skin feels so refresh and comfortably cleansed.

Like the Body Scrub this doesn’t make my skin feels tight after shower but my dry skin still prefer some nourishment from body lotion. The ‘Kiss goodbye to dry skin’ tag line probably applies to normal dry skin and not very very dry skin.

dirty works buttery salt scrub

With ‘buttery’ in the name I expect something more… buttery. The consistency is thinner than expected and it doesn’t feel as ‘buttery’ (ie creamy) as Coconut scrub.

However I don’t understand why is this packaged in a tub instead in a tube like the other 2 body scrubs. It’s more convenient and hygienic to squeeze products out of the tube than dipping your hands into the tub and contaminate the product.


These are great body scrubs and are good for everyday use. They are affordable at under A$10. Currently they seem to be available at Coles only.

Like: Cheap. Great Scent. Works on dry skin.

Dislike: The packaging for Buttery Salt Scrub.

3 thoughts on “Dirty Works Body Scrubs

  1. Grace Reply

    Hi Coco, I saw these body scrubs many times in Coles. I have too many disappointing shower gels and body scrubs sitting in the bathroom so I was a bit hesitate to try new ones. I may give the buttery salt in the tub a try since you like it:) I don’t know why I even bother. My skin on my legs and feet are so dry doesn’t matter what I do Lol x

    • prettymom Post authorReply

      Grace, have you tried Cetaphil intensive moisturising cream on your dry legs and feet? It’s quite good for very dry skin.

      • Grace Reply

        No I haven’t, but once I go through my body lotions at home I will go and get one x

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