August 2014 Empties

august 2014 empties

It’s near the end of the month. Time to see what I’ve used up. Only 3 items this month. It’s an under-achievement compared to last month’s empty list.

Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil

It’s great for my super dry skin, both on my body and on my face. It feels greasy when applied but doesn’t feel greasy after a while. It instantly relieves dryness and tightness and softens the skin.

I don’t have stretch marks so I can’t say anything about that. I do have some old acne scars but there aren’t any noticeable improvement. Either it’s because the scars are too old or I need more time for the result to show.

I’m glad I bought a small bottle to try. I really want to love this but I don’t like the scent. It has cocoa scent but smells too artificial. You’ll probably like this if the scent doesn’t bother you too much. It’s unlikely I’ll re-purchase unless it’s deeply discounted.

Daiso Deep C Moisture Gel

This is a neglected item. I think I quite like it when I first purchased it. It’s not good enough for my dry skin but good enough for my t-zone. But I can’t be bothered to apply too many products on my face so I put it aside and discovered it again recently. The texture seemed to have changed after more than a year – it was soft fluffy gel-like and has become thick gel-like. It didn’t smell bad but I don’t dare to apply it on my face anymore. I use the leftovers on my dry heels and it seems to work well.

Lacura Age Vitale Eye Cream

This is eye cream for ‘very mature skin’, but having tried other eye creams sold from Aldi, this is the best performing eye cream for me. The consistency is thick yet not heavy. It hydrates and moisturizes the eye area well and when this area is well moisturized, it helps to minimize or softens the appearance of fine lines. Just don’t expect it will miraculously erase the lines away. It doesn’t give the ‘Wow!’ factor but for the price at around A$10 (can’t remember the exact figure) I can’t complain.

Sadly I haven’t seen this on the shelves at my local Aldi for quite sometime. I would definitely repurchase if it’s restocked on Aldi’s shelves.

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