Welcome to yet another version of prettymom.org.

I have been blogging secretly and anonymously since 2000, before the term ‘blog’ become widely known to most general public. This blog gone through too many changes and has been hosted on number of platforms. It started out as personal blog and transformed into a beauty blog at the end of 2009 to share about my love of makeup and beauty products. I sometimes blog about subjects not beauty related too.

If you don’t already know me…

Hi! My name is Coco. It’s not my real name and some of you probably know who I am, but I prefer to be known as Coco in this virtual world.

I’m a happily married mother of 2, living in Sydney Australia.

I developed strong interest in makeup and beauty products since I was a little girl watching my mother pretty-herself-up. I always thought I would end up working in the beauty or cosmetic industry when I grow up. However I ended up working in IT industry. That didn’t change my love with anything and everything beauty related. There was once upon a time I had to try everything new from low end to high end regardless of price tags. I was also crazy about lipsticks and had bucketful of collection. However since having kids and mortgage I started to watch my spending. I have to keep my routine as simple and as economical as possible.

I am a Web Developer experienced in PHP, HTML and CSS and specialized in customized WordPress themes and have worked on websites from big to small.  I also maintain a Web Development blog. If you have any questions about coding your website feel free to ask. I’m also available for freelance projects at affordable rates.

Even though this blog is named ‘prettymom’, I do not claim myself as pretty. I’m just an ordinary woman who likes looking good and pretty, which also helps to boost my confidence and self esteem. Please do not give me ‘Beauty is from within’ lecture. If you read this blog, you know what it’s all about.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog. I would love to hear from you! You can contact me, or follow me on Twitter or Instagram.