September 2014 Empties


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sept 14 emties

Did the first month of spring end too soon before it even feels like a spring? Ok, we finally did get warmer on the last days of the month, but according to the weatherman the mercury will drop again.

Only 3 items this months again.

Daiso Neck Gel

Another item I’ve had for quite a while. It was put aside as it wasn’t doing anything significant but I found it on the to-be-emptied stash and decided I better finish it anyway to add to my empties list. It’s not doing anything except it feels quite cooling when massage onto the neck. Oh well, it’s so cheap, nothing to loose.

Goat Moisturising Conditioner

The texture of this hair conditioner isn’t like most hair conditioners. It’s more like body lotion or moisturizing body wash from the same brand. My hair doesn’t feel hair-conditioned after using it.

However I’ve been using it to massage on my dry scalp from time to time and it feels great. I also use it on days when my hair isn’t really that dirty that requires shampoo but still need a wash. It feels quite nice massaging it all over my head and hair.

Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer

Something I buy regularly from eBay and I can’t remember how many tubes I’ve gone through. It works on my oily lids and it’s cheap (price range from US$5 to US$9). Need I say more when it’s good and it’s cheap? This is my 2nd favorite eye primer (Too Faced Shadow Insurance is still my absolute favorite!) I also use it on the brows to keep brow colors from fading too quickly. Needless to say this is a regular repurchase item.

Essence Colour & Go Nail Polish in 174 Purple Sugar


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I love Essence nail polishes. They’re cheap. They can last at 3-4 days with minor housework done with minimal chipping. Most don’t require top coat to stay shiny (I’m lazy and would love not doing the extra final step). The wide brush makes it easy to apply. And oh, did I say they’re cheap?

Essence Colour & Go Nail Polish in 174 Purple Sugar

Essence Colour & Go Nail Polish in 174 Purple Sugar

Essence Colour & Go Nail Polish in 174 Purple Sugar. It’s a pretty pinky purply shade, a perfect color for spring!

Besides it’s color of the year. Based on my research, it’s officially called Radiant Orchid. “A captivating harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones, Radiant Orchid emnates great joy, love and health.”

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Dirty Works Coconut Body Butter


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Previously I posted review of affordable body scrubs by Dirty Works, which I was quite impressed. In general, I’m easily impressed with anything cheap and good. Here’s another product from the range that I purchased with the scrubs a while ago when it was discounted from the already affordable price tag.

Dirty Works Coconut Body Butter

Dirty Works That Fiji Feeling Coconut Body Butter. I can’t remember the exact price but it’s under A$10.

Dirty Works Coconut Body Butter

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L’Oreal Paris Excellence Creme in 5.6 Rich Auburn


prettymom • 2014-09-23 • Comment (1)

I desperately needed to cover greys that has grown about almost an inch. After previous failed attempt, I decided to used something that’s known to work in the past. Well, most permanent colors I’ve used work great with grey coverages. It was unfortunate it didn’t work last time.

L'Oreal Paris Excellence Creme in 5.6 Rich Auburn - content

L’Oreal Paris Excellence Creme hair color in 5.6 Rich Auburn. This normally RRP at A$19.95. As usual, I bought it when it was discounted to A$10. I can’t remember where I bought it. I usually stock up hair colors when they’re discounted at stores like Chemist Warehouse or Priceline, or any pharmacies.

I’ve used hair color from this range in the past, but  I can’t remember if I have previously used this shade.

I think this has been repackaged because I don’t recall it had a protective serum. See the small tube in the front row in above photo? That. It’s the step 1, to be applied on ‘fragile’ parts of  hair (ie lengths and ends), and to be left in while applying the hair color.

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Schwarzkopf Ultimate Colour Multi-Usage Permanent Colour Foam in 400 Dark Brown


prettymom • 2014-09-16 • Comments (2)

Those who color their hair will always face roots a few weeks after application and it’s more noticeable if the shades of the color is obviously different from your natural shade. I rarely do root touch-ups since most home colors require mixing and I’m too lazy to do divide the proportions of developer vs hair color for multiple usage.

Schwarzkopf Ultimate Colour

I’ve been eyeing on Schwarzkopf Ultimate Colour. I was attracted to the point that it can be used multiple times and no mixing required. How easy and convenient does it sound?!

I finally bought it when it was its turn discounted to $10 at Chemist Warehouse a while ago. This normally RRP at A$19.99.

Schwarzkopf Ultimate Colour

The content is minimal. An instruction leaflet, the color foam and conditioner. Gloves not included.

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