summer nails

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revlon nail enamel in copperglaze platinum

revlon nail enamel in copperglaze platinum. i don't remember the rrp on top of my head, maybe somewhere around aud$12. i got this from priceline where it was reduced to $7. it's still not cheap considering it's only usd$4 or $5.

as you can tell from the lack of nail posts, i'm not a nail polish person. i was once, before i had any kids and when i had too much time to paint different colors almost everyday!

nowadays i paint my toes more than my fingers because colors usually last longer on my toes. it's summer and i like my toes painted so i can wear whatever open-toe shoes.

wearing revlon nail enamel in copperglaze platinum

my nail 2-coated with this nail polish.

i like the color. it's a shiny neutal peachy-beigy color. not as dark as the color you see on the bottle. great summer color.

i don't have great expectation with staying power. i've owned too many revlon nail polishes to know that. i'm lucky if it lasts 2 days. i get revlon polishes just for the colors.

revlon photoready compact makeup

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revlon photoready compact makeup in shell

revlon photoready compact makeup in shell.

retail price is aud$35. ridiculous price we have here. i got it from kmart when it was reduced. with $20 gift card, i paid $7 for it. otherwise i wouldn't consider buying it.

revlon photoready compact makeup in shell

it's a cream based makeup. there's a mesh screen over it. though instruction says it 'liquefies' as it's filthered through the screen, to me it's more of a powdery finish.

shell compact makeup vs liquid foundation

i bought the color shell. i have the liquid foundation version in shell as well. by comparison, the liquid foundation is lighter in color and is more suitable for me in winter. the compact foundation version matches my skin perfectly.

happy new year 2011

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happy new year 2011!

new year's eve firework from my tv screen.

we didn't go out this year. just stayed home. played wow. and when the time came, turned on tv and watched fireworks.

of course it's so different than watching real fireworks. it's just a tv screen!

at least we got to see fireworks from 2 cities at the same time. :)

have a wonderful 2011!

minimal holiday makeup

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how was everyone's x'mas?

there's not much x'mas celebrating at the pretty household, apart from the kids opening their presents. the boy is old enough to know where the gifts come from. pretty girl still tries to look for the imaginary chimney where santa comes from.

we stayed home most times because shops were closed. we went out briefly to buy essentials when most shops were opened for 1/2 day.

it's one of the coolest x'mas in recent years.

i wore minimal makeup. concealer. brow powder. mascara. blush. lip gloss.

covergirl and olay simply ageless concealer

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makeupskin carereview

covergirl and olay simple ageless concealer

covergirl and olay simply ageless concealer in 210 light . rrp at around aud$18. i bought it at 20% off at priceline.

i was debating if i should get it due to limited color choice. there were only 2!

one reason for 'debating' is... i had bad experiences with the olay products. i used its moisturizer back to when it was named 'oil of ulan' (yes long ago!) because a cousin with flawless skin recommended it. it broke me out. i didn't have clear skin as teenager so i didn't think it was the product until i switched to another moisturizer. my skin cleared up a bit.

many years later i gave the brand another chance when total effect was released. back then it got lots of rave from newsgroup. i had clear skin by then and it broke me out! :(

i overheard the salesperson was telling a  middle age woman that it's a eye cream and concealer in one, suitable for people with fine lines. that sounds apealing! i was so sold!

from the website there are 4 colors available. if i remember correctly, there are only 2 colors available in australia.

the product is very creamy and smooth when applied. the color seems a bit lighter than my skin tone, but i guess it's better than choosing the darker color which will probably enhance my dark circle! and the lighter color brighten the eye area.