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bright pink brows


prettymom • 2012-10-31 • Comments (0)

i’ve tried pink brows in the past but they didn’t look as pink as i wanted them to. i think it’s to do with the dark base – fainted tattoo marks. while looking through some makeup tutorials on youtube where people use nyx jumbo pencil in milk as base co…

daiso’s winmax eyebrow pencil


prettymom • 2012-10-26 • Comments (0)

winmax eyebrow pencil from daiso. sold for a low price of aud$2.80.

i like that it’s in automatic pencil format. 

it comes in 2 colors, black and brown. obviously i chose brown because it’s easier to work with.

one stroke of color on the left…

get out of the house in less than 10 minutes


prettymom • 2012-10-23 • Comment (1)

this is yesterday’s look. i needed to do a quick makeup to take my son to dentist appointment. i over-napped. i also spent too much time trying to braid my hair.
this is a quick and simple look that should be completed in about 5 minutes. but for me it…

chanel stylo yeux waterproof long lasting eyeliner #10


prettymom • 2012-10-21 • Comments (3)

chanel stylo yeux waterproof long lasting eyeliner.
this is a gift from a friend who sent me quite a few products earlier this year. i was very excited when i saw this, because, it’s chanel! i’ve been shy away from luxury brands for many years due to t…

unintentionally rusted


prettymom • 2012-10-18 • Comments (0)

after some #bbloggersoz chat last week, i started to look at my old posts for inspiration. it’s not something i often do because i’m somewhat embarrassed with bad makeup skills and photos in older posts.
i found an old post 2 years ago around this time…