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thick brows again with mochi


prettymom • 2012-08-27 • Comments (2)

it’s weekend and it’s time to play with thick brow look again. it’s not easy for me so i can only try it on weekends when i have more time.
it took me almost 20 minutes working on them today!!/gasp! i still couldn’t get them perfect!
not as thick nor…

beaute pacifique cleansing foam review


prettymom • 2012-08-22 • Comments (0)

beaute pacifique cleansing foam. 150ml, rrp aud$57.

product description (taken from the website):
Beauté Pacifique Cleansing Foam is designed for all skin types to cleanse without causing irritation or drying the skin. Fast working, water activated…

thicker brows, an attempt to look more youthful


prettymom • 2012-08-19 • Comments (3)

recently i’m into thicker brows looks after reading about korean brow trends in asia at chasing elixir. it’s said fuller straight brows gives a more youthful appearance.
i experimented it when i’m not getting out of the house. need some practice!

a touch of bright pink with the brain


prettymom • 2012-08-17 • Comments (0)

initially it was going to be a plain look with just a single eyeshadow. that’s kinda boring. that’s my usual look and have been doing it all week. so i lightly added a bright pink to make it less boring, yet still wearable for work.

please excuse the…

a simple red eyeliner look


prettymom • 2012-08-14 • Comments (0)

another attempt to do double color eyeliner look based on pixiwoo’s easy bright summer eyeliner look. i went for red this time because red is for celebration! and kept the rest of the eyes clean, so the focus is on the red liner.
i think i did quite a…