pink graveyard

the family went to graveyard today to pay respect to ancestors. coincidentally i chose 2 colors from detrivore’s graveyard collection. the finished look was too gloomy. i added black rose minerals hocus pocus. the pink makes the overall looked less grey…

work safe brown smokey eyes

clinique colour surge eyeshadow trio. this is a gift from a friend (thanks linda!) i’ll do a review post later.

i’ve been trying out different ways to use the trio. i did a more intense smokey brown eyes with a brown base. though it looks quite inten…

fyrinnae lip lustre in type a

i finally made my first order from fyrinnae last month. i’ve heard so much good things about it. i’ve never ordered from this online store because 1) it’s always down when i want to order and 2) it’s insanely long stated turn around time. somehow i was…

almost invisible purple liner

it’s another simple look for the weekend. i really like the simple eyes i did… until i noticed the smudges from the mascara after uploading today’s photos. is it normal or is it my bad eye sight that i do not notice it in person?



soft and naturally golden with rapunzel had extensions

fyrinnae cosmetics rapunzel had extensions loose eye shadow. the color is described as ‘pale pink with a stunning brilliant light gold highlight’.
on my eyes, it’s a light peachy gold. perfect as highlight. i used as an all over color in today’s look.…

first haircut in 2012

finally, my haircut post after 10 days… the pre- and post-haircut photos were taken with the phone and they’re finally uploaded.
there was no major change but it was a much needed cut after more than 6 months.
i usually cut my hair during school hol…

a touch of faye and jet

another simple look. i feel like drawing eyeliner today because i haven’t done it for a while.
i used maybelline gel liner in charcoal and set it with black rose minerals eyeshadow in jet. they are like the perfect partner. jet makes the line sparkle!…

quick and simple titania

a simple i-want-to-quickly-get-out-of-the-house look with black rose minerals eyeshadows in titania. this could have looked better with a more defined eyeliner but… i just wanted to do a really quick non-dramatic makeup look.
products used on the eye…

date look with black rose minerals love me… love me trio

i’m on week 2 of 3 easter break. i thought i’ll be doing more fotd’s during the break but i had been so lazy. it’s the first time in the break that i put on full face makeup. and… how i missed it!
i had lunch date with the husband without the kids. s…